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    Which is the better power plant?

    So, if I am reading this right,these trucks are tunable, and the possible difference in the way similar trucks run is "state of tune"?
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    Which is the better power plant?

    I will probably just use it as a cruising toy with occasional off road use. Been eyeing tractors, as I like the short wheel base. I may do a bob job eventually.
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    Which is the better power plant?

    OK, I have been researching for several years. I know the basic differences. I realize two like vehicles will run differently. I am just looking for opinions on which is more fun to drive, after all, this is for fun, right? I don't think I will be buying one of each though!
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    Which is the better power plant?

    So no turbo lag?
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    Which is the better power plant?

    Ok, I have been shopping for a 5 ton for a while, and I thought it was to be an A2. I like the super singles, and turbo motor. My past experiences with N/A Diesels were pretty unimpressive. Now I am reading on here that the A2 has pretty substantial turbo lag, and the A1 has more low end torque...
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    Hours/miles ratio in 5 tons

    Just wondering what a typical hours/miles ratio is amongst 5 ton owners. I realize meters can be replaced, and wonder if there is any median as to the relationship of the two. Thanks, Bill
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    Oh Dear Lord! I just bought a 5 ton from Ft Rucker in AL. Now what?

    This too has been my dilemna. When I do take the plunge, should I attempt a recovery,or pay for hauling. It seems there are never any 5 tons any where near my location in Fl. so I am looking at a road trip across several states. I think the answer depends on ones mechanical abilities, and...
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