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  1. MrMikey4026

    Deuce Air Governor

    Replace those copper lines with DOT plastic tubing and fittings. Unless you really enjoy the old copper tubing. Back in the old days when every truck was plumbed with copper, you cannot imagine how much I hated it.
  2. MrMikey4026

    MTVR air dryer purge valve sticking open

    If you have a Haldex dryer of any kind, throw it away and replace it with a Bendix AD9.
  3. MrMikey4026

    Are the Ford cm 3461 shrader valve the only option for valve stem replacement for ctis

    I am probably wrong on the part number ( it has been a while) , but my NAPA guy found them for me, they were cheap. I will ask him if he remembers the part number.
  4. MrMikey4026

    need hemtt Detroit Diesel 8v92ta mechanic near Sacramento

    I just use a 12 volt Facet pump connected to the secondary filter (extra pipe plug on the inlet side) with a ball valve. Run the pump until return is free of bubbles, turn it off, close the valve at start that thing!
  5. MrMikey4026

    Need to haul heavy load in central WA; anybody wanting to help?

    Just curious, White Pass, Mission Ridge, Badger? Don't remember Badger having a chairlift?
  6. MrMikey4026

    Bolt in a Tire on my M1088 / LMTV

    Spray some soapy water on it and wiggle the bolt, if it made it to air you will know. No bubbles pull it out!
  7. MrMikey4026

    CUCV '400' tranny will not shift out of 1st gear - what should I check first?

    Governor gear. Under small cover near rear of transmission, four 1/2" bolts.
  8. MrMikey4026

    New Member from Okanogan, Washington State

    Have fun with it, let us know how it looks when it gets there. Mine ran when I got it, would not move, had the wrong series transmission in it. Been driving it the last few months. I am about in the same boat as you. Takes me forever to get anything done now.
  9. MrMikey4026

    New Member from Okanogan, Washington State

    I am 12 miles east of Roy now. Sorry you won't be able to make it.
  10. MrMikey4026

    New Member from Okanogan, Washington State

    Mark, I will see you there,
  11. MrMikey4026

    New Member from Okanogan, Washington State

    Mark Welcome to the group. Wenatchee is my home town. Do you remember the radial engine that sat on the sidewalk in front of the ice cream shop in Okanogan some 30 years ago? If you have time this weekend you should come join us...
  12. MrMikey4026

    Hello from Portland Oregon

    Hello there You should probably think about going to the roundup. Not far away in Chehalis, lots to learn and there will be people here that know MTV's. Mike
  13. MrMikey4026

    Well, I done did it. Won a m1078. Need to get it home... In Wahington - any suggesti

    I replaced mine with regular automotive headlights. I unsoldered the leads of the old ones, then soldered them onto the replacements. Much cheaper!
  14. MrMikey4026

    Haldex Purest Air Dryer install on M35A2 - questions about wiring, etc

    Your check wallet light will come on when you buy a cartridge for that thing! I have a Pure Air sitting here waiting to install, the price of the cartridge made me think about it awhile! Anyone have an inexpensive one? Mike
  15. MrMikey4026

    Still ON!!! 2020 Pacific NorthWest Rally / FE / Swap Meet!

    The Brad we all know says he is coming, with or without his truck. Also his friend Josh with WW2 Jeep. I would imagine they will arrive Saturday morning. I would consider this an RSVP, you know how technically challenged he can be.
  16. MrMikey4026

    Axle Shaft removal for towing FMTV

    If the engine runs, just start it up and leave it idling. Tow it as far as you like.
  17. MrMikey4026

    What have you done to your FMTV or LMTV today

    Nope, it was not there. Found it in the storage box behind the drivers seat after I replaced the assembly. I drove it probably 150 miles before it let go.
  18. MrMikey4026

    LMTV Coolant Leak Diagnosis Suggestions

    Has to be heater hoses/core/valve, leaking down from above or radiator hose/radiator.
  19. MrMikey4026

    milky trans fluid.....

    Open up the line at the trans cooler, just keep pouring it in until it looks red. You want to use Dexron 3.
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