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  1. maa45069

    Transport Guin Alabama to Columbus ohio

    Hello gentlemen I was on a road trip with the family and Murphy decided to come along. If anyone is around guin Alabama and can quote transport for a 03 land rover discovery I would appreciate it.. signal here is not so great call me 5132370526. Any help would be greatly appreciated Sent from...
  2. maa45069

    Aftermarket led light bar headlight replacement

    I saw a really nice looking 5 ton that caught my eye online while watching YouTube off-road videos. What really caught my eye was the Headlight. I can’t find the link to the video again but after some searching I found one of our members(fattboy123456) had done this same mod to their MV. They...
  3. maa45069

    ISO Wheel Adapter CAD Program Files

    Hello all! I have been searching for cad files for mrap and hemmit wheel adapters. Cant find a copy of a file to play with. I particularly would like the 12 bolt mrap wheel adapter file if anyone has it available. Is there a Cad File Resource page?
  4. maa45069

    Who here has done 12.00r20? Deuce stock

    I have searched and read a few threads where people talked about doing this in 2009 but no body actually shows it done. I have looked into the 395/85r20 and the 11.00r20 and I really like the 12.00. From measurements they fit well under the 48"required by a non bobbed or lifted m35. On old...
  5. maa45069


    What an awesome person spent the majority of the day helping me out with my deuce! Not only that but a genuine person. Drove 40 min to my house and back and forth to next closest city for parts and back to his place for tools and he got my deuce running just remarkable. This guy is a gentleman...
  6. maa45069

    Officially addicted and sleeping on the couch ;-)

    So I picked up a M105A2 lol a week after my deuce! My wife doesn't Share my excitement. Anyways I get excited for anyone getting a new toy so I thought I would share.
  7. maa45069

    Painting my m35a2 think the color is off.

    Would you guys please verify the color for me? this doesn't look right to me. I started spraying this morning and stopped after letting a portion of the truck dry and realized it was too bright for my liking. what do you think?
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