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  1. CatMan

    Iola Vintage Military Show swap, trade, need List 9-11 Aug 2013

    I have a NOS roll of field telephone wire and several WWII EE-8 Phones. We'll be in N-27 and N-28 starting Thursday afternoon. Jeff
  2. CatMan

    mtmob1's New M104 trailer

    There is a rumor that tlmob1 has acquired a vintage M104 trailer to match his M135. Tons and tons of M105's around but them 1950's M104's are hard as heck to find. I hope Rob will post pictures here soon. The trailer looked pretty nice when it rolled out my driveway. Come on Rob show us the...
  3. CatMan

    G749 preservation

    Hey Plow Boy, In the BIG engine business we always pre-lube an engine that has been in preservation and before start up. The easiest way to do it on your 6 cylinder is to get a NEW and clean 2 Gallon garden sprayer can. The ones that you pump up with the hand plunger pump. Put in about a gallon...
  4. CatMan

    Prom Deuce

    Hey Brad, She sure is a sweetie. The truck is nice too. Cat Man, Denmark WI
  5. CatMan

    1953 M135 Rebuild Project.

    Butch is right. I was not making that up about those like itty bitty cork strips. It looks mor like grease that brake fluid. I would still recommend refilling the brake master cylinder and pumping up the brakes before you disconnect anything. See where its leaking first. But wait untill the...
  6. CatMan

    NAPA parts list for M 135?

    Many years ago Dennis Spence compiled a cross reference for many different vehicles with civilian part numbers from various vendors including NAPA. It is still available from Portrayal press, but he is getting out of the business. The book is called "ARMY VEHICLE PARTS GUIDE". Done in the days...
  7. CatMan

    Chevy G506. Need a little help !!

    Hi Gabby, There are lots of us that started out on M series trucks and worked backward into Korean and then WWII era trucks. The WWII Chevy's and GMC's are some really classy trucks. I have owned G506's and currently have a 1945 GMC dump truck. A couple of thoughts come to mind. There are a...
  8. CatMan

    Diamond T M20 Prime Mover

    I'm glad to see these trucks going to good homes. Kevin would have liked that. We sure miss him. We have a CCKW Dump Truck that came from Kevin and Thea's. Here is a better picture of the complete rig. That's the Wrecker King at the helm with the trailer and the CAT D-7 in tow. That is my...
  9. CatMan

    1953 M135 Rebuild Project.

    1953 M135 Rebuild Project I'm not too sure about the camera angle that captured my butt over the GMC fender at Robert's a couple days ago. I was putting the ignition system back together before moving on to the carb on the other side. My only regret is not having my camera when Rob made the...
  10. CatMan

    Military Veterans Museum receives T-34-85

    MIlitary Museum Receives T-34 -85 Robert, Great job on getting the T-34 to a new home. If the tank is the one I think it is, I hope you will share the story of how it got to Wisconsin in the first place. Every vehicle has a story and this is worth re-telling. Keep up the great work. Cat...
  11. CatMan

    M35A3 Caterpillar engine

    M35A3 Caterpillar Engine The Cat Model 3116 engine has a geared valve train at the front of the engine. The intake and exhaust valve lifters are a solid type that require a simple CHECK on a schedule. They may or may not require adjustment on that same schedule. They are set with the engine...
  12. CatMan

    WWII Power Wagon with Pop Up Camper

    WWII Dodge Pop UP Camper Photos from Alaska and the Yukon Cat Man and the B driver
  13. CatMan

    WWII Power Wagon with Pop Up Camper

    WWII Dodge Pop UP Camper We drobve the Dodge with the camper and pulled a late model M101A2 trailer a total of 8732 miles in 55 days on the MVPA Alaska Highway Convoy in July and August. Stayed most nights in the camper. Hard Frost on 6 nights while in Yukon and used an electric space heater on...
  14. CatMan

    Wc12 engine options

    WC12 Engine Options We just completed a build up in a WC21 model. Used a simple Chevy 350 V8 with a rochester 2 bbl Carb and added HEI distributor. Mated the engine to a New Process 822 four speed OVERDRIVE manual transmission mated with a CUCV 4X4 transfer case. Engine is about 175 HP The...
  15. CatMan

    MVPA 2012 Alaska Highway Convoy

    Alaska Highway Dave, GReat to see you in Dawson Creek again. WE had a great time in BC. WE are in Watson Lake. Heading up the Campbell highway tomorrow. What a ride Cat Man
  16. CatMan

    1953 M135 Rebuild Project.

    Hey neighbor, I'm just down the road 10 miles from you in Denmark WI. I'm also an admitted Big Truck guy. I'd be happy to help you. Lord knows I've made my share of mistakes on army truck projects over the years. I have a good knowledge of the GMC's and a pretty good technical library...
  17. CatMan

    What's your Deuces' name?

    Our M35A2 is named "My Green Eyed Girl". Cat Man
  18. CatMan

    MVPA 2012 Alaska Highway Convoy

    The largest collection convoy of 22 HMV's will be entering Canada from Montana on the 26th. Staying on the northeast side of Edmonton Friday night the 27th. Glowing Embers I';m told is the location. There is BBQ at Reg Hodgson's on Friday evening. The convoy is planning to make a mid day...
  19. CatMan

    MVPA 2012 Alaska Highway Convoy

    MVPA 2012 Alaska Convoy Well, its time to "mount up"! In just a few days the collection convoys will start to roll from all corners toward Dawson Creek BC Canada. There are 90 Steel Soldiers lined up to go. Here is what the line up looks like. Follow the drivers on their convoy blogs on the...
  20. CatMan

    Gerry can Mount M101a2

    Gerry Cans on Trailers Nice M416 but those cans on the rear should go somewhere else. You get rear ended, one spark and wow you got big trouble. Cat Man
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