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  1. gunboy1656

    Steel Soldiers giveaway sponsored by SECO

    In Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  2. gunboy1656

    What do YOU want to know about G-742 history?

    I was talking to JAG about how you made it over the last hurdle to get the book made at the National Convention. Glad you are finally getting it made. I can't wait to see it done Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  3. gunboy1656

    May 2017 MV of the Month Nominations

    Oh why not. My truck and the only flying C123. Another one is set to get its flight status again.
  4. gunboy1656

    R.I.P--SHOOTINIRON--James Ruman

    Sad part is I was reminded of this yesterday coming home from a parade, on a highway climbing a long hill. Doing 40 in a 60 mph zone. Had my flashers on and a chase car behind me for added visibility. Can't believe this happened 5 years ago. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  5. gunboy1656

    Bumper re-stenciling - which TM?

    My unit had the tan from the bends to the outside of the bumper. It was a signal unit Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  6. gunboy1656

    Same truck sells and then is relisted week after week

    I really think you should start a post with all the excuses as to why people back out of auctions without naming names obviously. Bet it would get a lot of attention.
  7. gunboy1656

    HMMWV sand color paint can tell its history? Were they all painted green first at AMG

    The unit I went to Iraq with in 04 took camo trucks with us. The tan color means nothing about where it went. My former unit was camo only, they upgraded trucks and got all tan now.
  8. gunboy1656

    Towing Opinions. I think I know the answer.

    Eastern surplus has or had a pic of an m818 towing a grinder offroad. Don't know if it's still on their site or not
  9. gunboy1656

    M149A2 Water Buffalo, worth?

    Just hauled one for a farmer while his deuce was down, paid 100 I believe but it was on with the fiberglass tank
  10. gunboy1656

    One piece Steel cargo Bows with formed corners ??

    Might be wrong but I think the MVTR has 7 bows.
  11. gunboy1656

    P-51 Crash in Dallas - 2/3/2016

    They were at our airport over the summer and this is now the 3rd time it crashed. Glad the pilot is ok, minus needing new pants.
  12. gunboy1656

    Freightliner with light load....

    That took me a minute to catch that it was a model. Birdhouse in back gave it away. Nice model, and the real one
  13. gunboy1656

    Non-standard M37 recoilless rifle carrier?

    Never seen an M37 carrying recoil less rifles. Seen them on m113s, jeeps and mules.
  14. gunboy1656

    Military trailer in my loca Ads - what is it?

    I know of 1 for about 100. Only reason I checked his out was the tool box on it.
  15. gunboy1656

    Military trailer in my loca Ads - what is it?

    Guy is high on most of his trailers as well. I seen this about a month ago. He has a m103 Gen trailer without the generator for 895.
  16. gunboy1656

    Hard Copy Manuals

    Can also call portrayal press for many manuals.
  17. gunboy1656

    Front bumper storage. Looking for ideas?

    There are a few people who made boxes to fit the way the bumper sits now. Some had top lids one had used side doors.
  18. gunboy1656

    Statistics on Deuce ownership

    Look at the cckw's they run 12k to 15k for pristine trucks. The big trucks like a deuce don't command as much as a jeep does because of the fact a jeep can be parked anywhere. A deuce has a lot of haters blocking where you can and can't keep it. Not to mention the Era of the manual transmission...
  19. gunboy1656

    M274 Parts question

    When did Emery go out of business, he just got all of Bill Watson 's parts not that long ago?
  20. gunboy1656

    Need Tire Advice - M109A3

    Another point I didnt see mentioned is these are going to be on a box truck. I dont think the 395's will fit with the shelter on the back, not a lot of extra room compared to the stock bed for wheel travel. When I do get to buy a set for mine I am going with the G177's for it.
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