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  1. MO MV man

    M923A2 oil pressure

    If memory serves me right, the TM's say 10PSI or higher is okeedokee. The 8.3's aren't much on idle oil pressure. And you are not the first person to ask this question.
  2. MO MV man

    M923 air conditioning a/c install project

    Definitely got my attention! Thanks for the thread!
  3. MO MV man

    Rat Deuce project 1

    I love this project! Great job!
  4. MO MV man

    Converting a 923 over from motor oil in the Allison to transmission fluid.

    I've been toying with this idea since getting my truck. Thanks, Ken!
  5. MO MV man

    Speedometer Stopped working

    My speedo did the same thing. Assuming you have an M900 series truck, Memphis Equipment has them. If memory serves me right, it was just under $100 shipped. That is, by FAR, the longest speedo cable on the planet. LOL I haven't installed mine yet......definitely not a quick job. In the...
  6. MO MV man

    Feh. Rockauto screwing up my order for an exhaust system.

    A CUCV has a totally different exhaust system than a gas powered K30? I put a Dynomax cat back on my dad's old '88 C10 and it fit perfect. Came with a piece of pipe to fit long wheelbase trucks, too. I placed my first order with Rock about two months ago. Online said right part...
  7. MO MV man

    What have you done to your 5 ton this week?

    FINE job, Jeep Nasty! Glad to see your crew cab is coming together.
  8. MO MV man

    New member from North Texas

    Welcome from Missouri! That's a sharp looking Deuce! Congrats!
  9. MO MV man

    What have you done to your 5 ton this week?

    My historic license plates FINALLY arrived and I can finally legally drive it!! :) I also changed out a CTIS wheel valve.
  10. MO MV man

    m939a2 wont start after fuel filter change

    The 8.3/A2 trucks are a booger to prime. Mine was a living **** after changing the engine and frame filter. You don't have a frame-mounted filter? After thoroughly beating my head against the wall, what seemed like 100's of pumps, using some ether and getting what appeared to be steady...
  11. MO MV man

    CTIS wheel valve adventure......

    Update..... I checked the tire pressures this morning and ALL were within 1.5psi of each other. SUCCESS! I contacted the vendor and they were VERY interested in my findings. So I forwarded the pictures of what I found along with the steps I took to rectify the situation. In no time, they...
  12. MO MV man

    CTIS wheel valve adventure......

    CORRECTION: Erik's is $16.75 per kit plus shipping. The kits do NOT include a replacement valve seat. So if your seat is corroded to bits (like my NEW one), you'll have to find another seat somewhere.
  13. MO MV man

    CTIS wheel valve adventure......

    The kits are really cheap. Erik's lists them for $14 plus shipping, for example. But he and many other vendors don't carry the complete valves. I shopped around a LOT and saw some on Ebay but wasn't comfortable with an unfamiliar vendor. So I went with one I was very comfortable with...
  14. MO MV man

    The things I learned while rebuilding my CTIS

    My wheel valve adventure...... Hopefully this will save someone some headaches:
  15. MO MV man

    CTIS wheel valve adventure......

    Hello all, I've been flat ecstatic that my CTIS has behaved perfectly since I got the truck from GL until the other day when the galled threads of a past "repair" (in military hands) on the big brass nut allowed the valve to pop loose and I ended up with a "Run Flat" light and LOADS of...
  16. MO MV man

    The things I learned while rebuilding my CTIS

    The unbeknownst-to-me-they-were-stripped threads on one of my rear wheel valves pulled out while I was driving the other day. CTIS flashed "run flat" so I pulled over, found the huge leak immediately, did my best to use the one remaining thread to tighten the seal and limped home. I...
  17. MO MV man

    Big Boy and Little Man

    Excellent shot, mkcoen! That still boggles my mind-the huge size difference between a deuce and M939 series trucks. Back when I had my deuce, I thought it was BIG. Now I have the M931A2 and it feels "just right". LOL
  18. MO MV man

    Big Boy and Little Man

    Here's my M931A2 next to the "truck retrieval vehicle"-my beater mini truck. :) Only wish I had a picture from the front. Talk about DWARFING the white truck. Wow.
  19. MO MV man

    "How to get a HET in life..." - M1070 Acquisition thread

    I'm guessing the flex tube is to keep exhaust soot from getting on the tank?
  20. MO MV man

    So who has bumped the power on a 6CTA cummins

    Why the idle speed adjustment issues after putting clicks on gov springs? Thought it might be a great time to clarify that since it seems concerns regarding adjusting the idle speed down after the spring adjustment seem to pop up regularly here. Before spending money and time on a spring kit...
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