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  1. Buffalobwana

    101A2 electric brakes - problem

    Since my surge brake system was shot, I bought $250 set of electric Dexter brakes, with parking brake lever. I went on info given to me by ... I forget. Maybe eTrailer? Anyway ... bad info. They fit, but wouldn’t work. Probably because I didn’t understand how they worked. The original drums...
  2. Buffalobwana

    Jeepers and 5 Tons

    I have noticed a very distinct trend. My 5 ton is a little tricked out. Custom front bumper with 18k winch. A bumper I fashioned after a Jeep aftermarket bumper I really liked. Air ride seats, Hard top, new paint job, 16.00's. It looks sharp. I drive my 5 ton around town a lot. Obviously, it...
  3. Buffalobwana

    Rigby, ID museum

    If you want to see some cool old birds, and you happen to find yourself in Rigby ID, find the airport, just off the highway. There is a small museum with a 8-10 (maybe less) old birds. One of the coolest in the hanger is Bob Hoovers old Mustang, Old Yeller. They fly all of them once every...
  4. Buffalobwana

    Lighter springs on a 939?

    Anyone try it up front? The front suspension on these trucks is too much for what *most* of us use them for. The 2.5 or 5 ton ton LMTV springs seem a bit small, but I see there are MRAP springs available too. Im just looking for an alternative to the giant steel timbers on the front that are...
  5. Buffalobwana

    Texas to Alaska ... what to take?

    There are dreams, and there are goals. The difference? People rarely work towards a dream. (What do I know, I just made that up. Semantics, I guess) I want to go from TX to AK in the 923A2. This is 2-3 years out, for many reasons, but half the fun is planning. I have put 6,000 miles on this...
  6. Buffalobwana

    Help identify antenna/mast

    I have a mast, but can’t figure out what it is or goes/went on. Its about 7’ long, retracted. Has the necessary mounting hardware. I have seen similar masts on S-280 shelters, but this appears different. Anyone have info on this?
  7. Buffalobwana

    S-250 shelter Yermo CA to Reno

    I have a shelter at the auction site in Yermo, needs to wind up in Reno, eventually. Needs to be picked up ASSP, but arrive in Reno when convenient.
  8. Buffalobwana

    Fuel line quick disconnect for Yanmar/Dewey generator

    I bought a couple of the Dewey 28v DC generators. No fuel tank. They come with two fuel lines, supply and return. The ends of the fuel lines have air couplers style disconnects. Except there is something like a Schrader valve/ball disconnect. Never seen one like it. The idea is that you...
  9. Buffalobwana

    SKF Brakemaster Turbo 2000 Air Dryer

    Wes, you mentioned this dryer in a post last year, said you were going to try it out. Did you ever install one on your truck? My stock one took a dump on me, debating rebuilding or replacing with this. Thanks.
  10. Buffalobwana

    Any TX/OK/AR Rallies?

    Is there nothing in North Texas? Something that Ok City Dallas Ft Worth and AR guys can come to? Heck of a lot of people within 200 miles of Dallas.
  11. Buffalobwana

    Tarp repair, two years later ...

    I didn’t want to post this after I tried this, for lack of proof that it would actually work, but now 2 years and about 2k miles later, I can say it works. The camo tarps get worn through on the green areas because they are not painted, and not protected from the sun by a coat of paint. I...
  12. Buffalobwana

    S Vienna OH - Ft Campbell KY - Greenville TX - 3 shelters

    An S-280 in South Vienna, Ohio, and two s-250’s in Kentucky. Need them shipped to Greenville TX, which is 50 miles East of Dallas. S-280 weight 1350 (it’s empty) S-250’s weight about 800 Total length is a bit over 25’ total, call it 26’-27’ with adequate spacing. PM me. Thanks.
  13. Buffalobwana

    Dallas-St. Louis S-250 Shelter or my truck and 20’ gooseneck for your stuff

    Need an S-250 shelter moved from St Louis to Dallas. Actual mileage is less than 600 miles ... one way. If nobody bites, and other guys need stuff moved along this route, or roughly, along the route, I’ll send my own truck. Either or. It needs to be worth my while to send my guys at all. I...
  14. Buffalobwana

    Anyone ever stripped the finish off an 1101/2?

    They have a galvanized frame and an aluminum bed. Anyone ever try to strip the paint off completely via chemical means? I would be hesitant to sandblast it. I built a really cool looking diamond plate lid for my 1101. Problem was, it was so heavy that it was not practical at all, even with the...
  15. Buffalobwana

    101A2 Adventure Trailer

    I am modifying one of my 101A2’s to be an “adventure trailer”. That is a widely used and abused term, so let me define my intentions with this build. I’m going to take it hunting and I’m going to take it to the ranch and it’s going to get used to work, and haul stuff. I’m not going sleep...
  16. Buffalobwana

    Electric brakes on 101a2 and 1101

    Anyone ever convert a 101a2 to electric brakes? I wired a 7 way plug in anticipation of adding electric brakes to it since my surge system was inop, and my truck has a good trailer package with adjustable electric brake output. I have electric brakes for my 1101, have not installed them yet...
  17. Buffalobwana

    Modified lunette hitch/draw bar on M101

    Yeah, incredible the difference. Well, I guess look at the springs for one. The 101 has a 1” thick stack of springs. The 105 ... Its been a while since I have seen one, but I know they must out weight the springs on the 101 by 5 times. My 101 shed about 65 lbs off the tongue today. Jeez! That...
  18. Buffalobwana

    Truck tow and Storage around Red River Army Depot

    I have a couple trucks that I need off the base at RRAD. Any tow companies and storage lots you guys know of in the area? One has missing air lines and incomplete air system. One is drivable. Or towable at least. Both are 934’s an A1 and A2
  19. Buffalobwana

    30’ flatbed OKC to Dallas

    Got 10,000lbs worth of stuff in OK City that requires more than my 25’ gooseneck can handle. Mainly because it’s too long. 5’ too long. PM me for details.
  20. Buffalobwana

    Overhead console VIC-3 radio mount

    Last week I built an overhead console to hold: * VIC 3 main box * two crew boxes * Augis phone to VIC-3 interface system * Red overhead light (preserve night vision, for night ops, to get chips and salsa for the game) * regular white overhead light (to get chips and salsa for the game, when...
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