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  1. G744


    Replace the 1819 original bulbs with 24V type 353 bulbs. It puts the filament behind the panel for much improved reading.
  2. G744

    Strange noise on m35a2

    Those damn buzzers can wake the dead! One guy in our group moved to the rear of his truck, used a turn signal flasher on it, and used it for a back-up alarm.
  3. G744

    Rear axle change.

    4.89:1 gears will pick up speed, but will be limited by horsepower. If it makes it to 70mph at all, it won't hold it on any hill steeper than a matchbook cover... 6000 lbs @ 86 HP. Streamlined like a brick. DG
  4. G744

    Winter is coming... Ether start questions!

    A tiny squeeze bottle with a little gas in it is lots easier on a Diesel than ether. That is, if you can get it into the intake without too much hassle. DG
  5. G744

    Marine Corps 34052 Behr Paint Codes

    I used Behr years ago, and "Ponderosa Green" was a perfect 383 green. A truck I painted back in the late 80's still is passable... Now that they don't stock it in ready mixed, you have to have it done up, but the last time I tried it wasn't in the HD database. DG
  6. G744

    220v 3phase from MEP-003

    Keep in mind, motors on 3-phase can turn either direction depending connection. If they turn the wrong way, flip two of the three wires to reverse rotation. Pumps or compressors really don't like being run backwards. Rotation meters are available for testing before energizing. Said because...
  7. G744

    1971 M35A2C Multifuel starting issue

    Some radiator shops will clean a fuel tank. Also look up Redi-Strip in your area. They have an electrolytic process that not only cleans out all the gunk, but kills the rust. Get enough Diesel-compatable tank sealer (google Bill Hirsch or Eastwood) and roll it around to cover all surfaces...
  8. G744

    1971 M35A2C Multifuel starting issue

    The rest of the tank innards probably look the same. Time to pull it and have it cleaned before a new pump goes in. DG
  9. G744

    5 ton multi fuel injector pump bleeding.

    Silly to mention it, but make sure the engine stop is not pulled out... DG
  10. G744

    Attaching a new cable to the front winch on a deuce

    As far as the G742 series trucks go, they are very much the same. Major differences exist as follows: Gas (early) or Multifuel (Hercules Hypercycle) engines 3 variants of Multifuel engines. Three different wheelbases. Sprag or air-shift transfer case. And the latest M35A3: Caterpillar...
  11. G744

    Attaching a new cable to the front winch on a deuce

    Winches seldom have a positive mechanical hookup for the rope, because if they went all the way out it would reverse start winding on again. The screw just holds it in place while you wind it up. After 6 or 8 turns, it cannot be pulled loose off the drum. In use, never let it unwind past the...
  12. G744

    Were the M151s and the M151A1s in anyway better than the M151A2s?

    I have owned many Mutts over the years, and the A2 was a bit (just a bit, mind you) more stable in traffic. All Mutts can flip, just like a swing-axle bug. No fast turns, man. DG
  13. G744

    Paint quote

    If using paint from a MV parts house, be aware the Aervoe brand fades fast out here in AZ, from OD to pink in a couple years. Some have said they have reformulated it, but I just use Gillespie and it looks good for a long time. Thin with Xylol, stay away from mineral spirits. DG
  14. G744

    Paint quote

    Yep, I've used Gillespie paint for years on my MV's. Never been disappointed. DG
  15. G744

    Paint quote

    CARC paint is dangerous to work with, it liberates Methyl Isocyanite, a toxic gas when drying. Even after it is dried, removing it with mechanical means causes toxic dust. It was only used by the military because it lets chemical nerve agents...
  16. G744

    M105 build with a 14 bolt axle

    I just run 6-bolt lowboy wheels & 15" tires when pulling a M104/5 with my M37. Same weight rating, sits level behind the Dodge. Change 'em out anytime for the 20's. Conelrad
  17. G744

    my new m35a2

    Stock deuce wheels are marked 12.00 max, so... DG
  18. G744

    M51A2 steering question

    You can use tractor fluid from a farm store. It is a good hydraulic oil. Cheaper in a 5-gal bucket, too. DDG
  19. G744

    Bobbed deuce speed

    Keep in mind my USMC visit was some 45 years ago. DG
  20. G744

    Bobbed deuce speed

    All had failures between cylinders 3 & 4. Blocks were wrecked. Dennis
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