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  1. JasonS

    M35A2 transfer case shift lever

    I used shim washers to tighten it up and heim joints to allow for flex. No rattles.
  2. JasonS

    Dang it, dang it, dang it!!!!! Harmonic balancer broken.

    New dampers are still available for reasonable cost. There is a hand written note in one of my tractor manuals (using their version of the multifual) indicating that the damper is to be replaced if the camshaft breaks. It is very important for the entire rotating assembly.
  3. JasonS

    OEM Spicer 3053 front bearing retainer with oil seal

    The old transmission was a major source of leaks for this truck. Not even a drop now.
  4. JasonS

    OEM Spicer 3053 front bearing retainer with oil seal

    Same casting number as the "standard one." The vendor had no idea that he had one with a seal; it just was the one that I was shipped.
  5. JasonS

    OEM Spicer 3053 front bearing retainer with oil seal

    This is a military surplus front bearing retainer with a seal. Purchased from a surplus vendor; no, they don't have any more.
  6. JasonS

    Easier 24V to 12V trailer light converter

    A lot of the trailer light converters are unnecessarily complicated involving multiple relays, power from the battery, etc. This one can be done for low cost using three 5A 24V to 12V DC-DC converters. Your lights have a L, R, and tail. Each of these is fed into the 24V input of the DC-DC...
  7. JasonS

    Aftermarket VDO Gauges

    Yes, odometer and hourmeter. I finally got around to programming the speedometer last weekend; very easy.
  8. JasonS

    Aftermarket VDO Gauges

    The speedometer (333-162) and tachometer (437-152) are both VDO Vision; the rest of the gauges are VDO Cockpit. If I could do it over again, I would have used all Vision series which has better lighting. The pics make it look a little harsh but it is not. The tachometer and speedometer are...
  9. JasonS

    Historical Interest: Lawsuit between Allis Chalmers and Continental over injection pump trade secrets

    Continental really did some interesting research back then. Of particular note is their work on variable compression ratio pistons which were eventually implemented in the "multifuel" platform combined with aluminum heads and an aftercooler. This engine made 350 horsepower at 2800 rpm and 710...
  10. JasonS

    Historical Interest: Lawsuit between Allis Chalmers and Continental over injection pump trade secrets

    Those of you who like to know the history behind the development of the multifuel and its progression should find the below interesting... Allis-Chalmers Mfg.v.Continental Aviation Eng. United States District Court, E.D. Michigan, S.DFeb 17, 1966 255 F. Supp. 645 (E.D. Mich. 1966) Summaries...
  11. JasonS

    Water pump rebuild kit

    The bearing assembly looks very much like that for the tractor water pump. You can get a kit without the tractor impeller from amazon:
  12. JasonS

    Check valve to prevent oil filter and cooler drainback

    There was some mention made in this forum about the tractor version of the multifuel having a check valve to prevent the oil cooler and filters from draining out into the pan. Fast forward to 1:45 here to see how it is done: It looks like we would have to add a counterbore and tractor engine...
  13. JasonS

    Wide Variation in Rod Bolt Torque

    I replaced the 6 point rod bolts in an engine with the more modern 12 point and found that there is quite a wide variation in rod bolt torque specifications: TM9-2815-204-35 (LDS427-2): 800 lb*in, 66.67 lb*ft Troubleshooting the LDS465-1 Manual (1968): 1200 lb*in, 100 lb*ft Hercules Svc Manual...
  14. JasonS

    HF54 with ram assist

    At one point, I had the force calculated from the bore and power steering pressure but I am not able to find it. I think that the requirement is 8" for full travel. The threads on the end of the slave cylinder are 0.875 -18NF and the rod end that I used was a Ford D8NN3B539AB which is...
  15. JasonS

    60A alternator overcharging test before replacing regulator

    Many have posted difficulty with their alternator overcharging and attributed this to the regulator. I encountered this recently (on alternator after alternator) and discovered that the fault was not with the alternator/ regulator. This alternator uses the excite wire as the voltage sense...
  16. JasonS

    torquing head studs for oil leak

    The OEMs who used a lower compression version of the multifuel in tractors blocked off the oil passages in the block/ head and ran external oil lines to the head. Presumably to address the persistent oil leaks. Suggests that this cannot be totally eliminated unless you do the same.
  17. JasonS

    HF54 with ram assist

    There were two reasons for the custom arm: 1) The stock 5 tom steering cylinder is too long for off the shelf rod ends. 2) There are only two off the shelf rod ends that fit the threads of the steering cylinder. The smaller of which is not rated for the force capable of being exerted by the...
  18. JasonS

    Re-torquing the "new style" multifuel head gasket

    There have been a lot of posts indicating that the "new style" multifuel head gasket with built in fire rings is not to be re-torqued. This is inconsistent with the information in the White Motors service manual... White Motors (and Oliver) used a version of the military multifuel engine in...
  19. JasonS

    Oil seal mod. for 3053 input shaft

    The SM420 was eventually fitted with a neoprene seal to reduce leaks. Novak offers a service/ kit to add one to the earlier versions.
  20. JasonS

    LD/LDT vs LDS Hydraulic heads

    No, I don't have any issue with the paper element itself. It is the sealing interface (cork) and the o-ring on the shaft that I don't trust to be 10 micron tight.
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