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  1. bshupejr

    Turn signals not working - steering column wiring

    Good afternoon, I’m trying to iron out why my turn signals flash slowly or not at all. I’m working through identifying and cleaning up all the grounds in the truck (M1031) and one thing that kind of surprised me is that the ground tree above the e-brake has nothing in it beyond a single wire on...
  2. bshupejr

    ISO Motor mount plate

    Hey, my transmission shop says they won’t warranty transmission repairs without the factory brace bars that go from the NP205 to the bell housing and from the bell housing to the block/motor mounts. I’ve found a set of the brace bars but there is a steel plat that goes under the motor mount with...
  3. bshupejr

    Tranmission to Engine Supports

    Good afternoon, I just found out my transmission case is cracked. The transmission shop said that this is a common occurrence on these trucks when; the factory supports are removed and not reinstalled. According to the shop, there are some steel supports that go from the transmission to the...
  4. bshupejr

    Passenger side fuel tank installation

    Good afternoon - Im wanting to install a passenger side fuel tank on my M1008. It looks like LMC has all the parts I could need to do it but there are several options/variations and they dont seem to be able to help or know what I would need since I dont have that set up now. I was looking for...
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