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  1. sigo

    HMMWV Front Shackle mount/Tow Point dimensions

    Does anyone have the dimensions of a HMMWV front tow point/shackle mount? Specifically I need the overall length and bolt spread. I am thinking of mounting a set to the front of a Jeep.
  2. sigo

    Trailer from MD to KS

    Anyone headed east from MD to KS that could transport a M416 trailer?
  3. sigo

    ISU-90 Roof Sealant

    I’ve got an ISU-90 container that has a split and peeling seam on the edge of the roof. The construction is similar to a shelter; aluminum skin over a lightweight core. In this case I think it’s wood, or composite and wood. Anyway, I’d rather try some adhesive sealant instead of trying to bend...
  4. sigo

    MEP-531 exhaust popping

    Just got around to servicing a MEP-531 I picked up a little while ago; changed fluids and filters and fired it up. As usual it took some fuel bleeding and a bit of cranking to get it to run. Once it fired I starting getting quite a bit of popping and some “backfires” thru the exhaust. Any...
  5. sigo

    Tire transport OH to KS

    Testing the waters to see if anyone is headed west with room for 11 G177 tires. SW OH to Kansas City, KS area. Even getting close might be doable.
  6. sigo

    Need a small airforce?

    Anyone want to purchase a small airforce? I suppose we could all chip in and put together a steelsoldiers airforce, all for the token sum of about $200k. Perhaps we could convince a couple of members to restore the aircraft in their garages on the cheap too. But then we might need a bigger rally...
  7. sigo

    A/M32K-4A Trailer from CA to KS

    I'll be looking to ship a A/M32K-4A 4 wheel rough terrain flatbed trailer from Yermo, CA to Leavenworth, KS in the coming weeks after the EUC clears. Anyone have space, need a backhaul or know of a reputable economical hauler looking for a load in that direction?
  8. sigo

    Fort Riley Iron/GovPlanet crew

    Bryan at Fort Riley was helpful and easy to work with. More than willing to help me out in the event things didn't go as planned. Thankfully everything went smooth during yesterday's pickup of a generator trailer. Thanks a lot to him and the other guy at Riley (didn't catch his name).
  9. sigo

    Ft Riley KS pick-up, some space available

    Headed to Ft Riley to pick up a trailer tomorrow. I'll have truck bed space available back to Leavenworth if anyone needs help.
  10. sigo

    Deuce bed and tires from FL to KS?

    Floridianson in Interlachen, FL has a deuce bed and some G177 tires I'd like to own but as happens often in this hobby geography is in my way. Any chance someone is looking to haul stuff to the Kansas City area?
  11. sigo

    Deuce racks/seats from FL to Augusta or GA rally

    Anyone coming up from Bradenton, FL to the Georgia rally or Augusta, GA area? Pctrans has a set I'd like to get north.
  12. sigo

    MEP-016D bowl Fuel Filter

    I've been looking for a replacement set/day-tank fuel filter and bowl gasket. Not the Yanmar in-tank fuel filter but the original fuel filter. I tried searching to see if anyone has a part number and I tried to cross reference by size to no avail. Does anyone have a source or part number cross...
  13. sigo

    Biomethane generation through anaerobic digestion

    While I admit the title of the story made me giggle, the idea of biomethane did spark a serious thought or two. I'm not going to start relieving myself in the tank of my deuce quite yet, but I wonder if this may be a viable do-it-yourself fuel source in the future...
  14. sigo

    Correct color for field equipment

    I have a field desk I need to touch up as well as some wooden boxes I'd like to paint to match the field desk, does anyone know the correct shade of green to use? It's the same color for wooden footlockers, field safes, field desks, etc. I've painted some wooden items with rapco spray paint and...
  15. sigo

    Jeep Show in Aiken, SC 12JUL2014

    It's not a MV specific show but I assume there will be plenty of military Jeeps attending. I'm going to flat tow my M38 behind my wife's silver '14 Rubicon on over to Aiken. Anyone else coming or have any insight to this event...
  16. sigo

    Fort Riley, KS Generator pickup

    Can anyone pick up a generator at Fort Riley, KS and hold for a couple of days until I can make it up from Leavenworth? I won't be able to make it to the GL lot during their very limited business hours. A MEP-016D is small, about 250lbs, and will fit in a pickup truck. The hours at the Riley...
  17. sigo

    Wrecker assistance to lift shelter in Augusta, GA

    Lift or Wrecker assistance to lift shelter in Augusta, GA Any wrecker owners in the vicinity of Augusta, GA available to lift a S788 shelter into a Deuce bed between now and 10 June? The shelter weighs about 700lbs, I have slings and shackles on hand and the shelter is already next to the...
  18. sigo

    My new M38

    So, I embarked on an M38 adventure this weekend. I had no intention of adding to the livery so soon to my next PCS, but after talking to the former owner of this sweet little Jeep I couldn't resist. A little history; I have always loved Jeeps, from as early as I can remember flat fender Willys...
  19. sigo

    Instructions for Installation of Cab Reinforcement Kit 5705616- for M44/M809 type cab

    I have uploaded the instructions for installation of cab reinforcement kit 5705616. The cab plate mounted on the rear wall designed for M44 series vehicles (M35A2, M35A3), abd M809 series vehicles.
  20. sigo

    TM's for M809 Series 5-Tons

    I have uploaded the instructions for installation of cab reinforcement kit 5705616. The cab plate mounted on the rear wall designed for M44 series vehicles (M35A2, M35A3), abd M809 series vehicles.
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