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  1. csheath

    This Forum format SUCKS!

    I think I'm about done with this new forum format. On my PC it nags me to turn off my ad blocker. I get that they want to make money to support the site but I don't agree to let any and everybody they choose to popup ads and track me so I leave it on. On my android phone it won't let me read a...
  2. csheath

    Optima Alternative

    For you AGM users: I came across an AGM battery with the Bosch brand name on it today. Just purchased a 51R from Pep Boys for $146.24 before tax for my tractor. They offered a 25% discount online and the store honored it at the counter. Time will tell how it works out but it has a 4 year free...
  3. csheath

    Leaf and Rodent Protection for my 803

    I originally set my 803 on the ground and it has been sucking leaves up into the engine compartment. Add to that a squirrel has decided it looked like a fun place to store and eat acorns. Fortunately he did not munch on any wires. I was also wanting to drag it out to remove the top and wash the...
  4. csheath

    Cheap Gas 8000W generator

    The DuroMax 10000 Watt Hybrid Dual Fuel Portable Gas Propane Generator is on sale for $499 delivered on ebay again. Never can tell how long the sale will last. Just wanted to share in case somebody needed a cheap backup. The one I bought my daughter last year ran for a 100 hours straight with...
  5. csheath

    MEP-803A for sale in Live Oak FL

    Not mine. Don't know seller or unit but thought some of you might be interested.
  6. csheath

    MEP-803A sipping fuel.

    Went out to look over my 803 after 4 hours running and topped up the tank. It only used a gallon and a half. Wasn't running the AC so that might account for it. I have left the well on but it probably doesn't cycle very often till we shower. I have done some baking and turned on the AC since...
  7. csheath

    Td 14

    I guess it's just as well today is my scheduled generator test day.
  8. csheath

    Upgraded the Fuel Pre-Filter on my MEP-803A

    I decided to upgrade the fuel pre filter on my generator using a small engine filter. I have these on both of my tractors since correcting some tank issues on one of them. These are easy to see if they become restricted and save the expense and trouble caused by allowing the main filters to get...
  9. csheath

    Labeled Breaker Panel

    Finally did a cheat sheet for the wife to start up the generator and labeled the breaker panel to be easier to use.
  10. csheath

    Gulf Coast Folks May Want To Order Fuel

    New 5 day forecast gives a 60% chance for development. I ordered a 100 gallons to be delivered tomorrow since I just emptied both of my drums.
  11. csheath

    Installed Mechanical Oil Pressure Gauge on MEP-803A

    Curiosity got the better of me on the oil pressure gauge accuracy. I've been wanting to flush and change oil and decided to add a mechanical oil pressure gauge. I drained the unit, refilled with ATF, and ran it up to temp with no load. Drained again and refilled with Motorcraft 15W40 Diesel...
  12. csheath

    Sizing generator to start and operate central air conditioner and electric motors

    This is a good read on generator sizing for starting AC units.
  13. csheath

    Power out

    Storm knocked out the power. Wife and I went through the start up process and confirmed the draft we created for her. Plans are to print and laminate start up, load management, and shut down procedures on separate pages.
  14. csheath

    24V solar charger

    I installed a new solar charging system on my 803 today. Purchased a 24V, 20W panel and charge controller off the auction sight. I have been using this same charge controller on another system to maintain the battery for my security cameras. I have two wifi cameras in the field I use to watch...
  15. csheath

    Battery Apology

    When I first got my unit I was trying to come up with an inexpensive source for batteries. I settled on the Value Power group 26 from Walmart and for the first 11 months they worked out fine. In December the first set failed a day from being out of warranty. Walmart replaced them and I ran the...
  16. csheath

    240V Heater Deal

    Just came across this deal on a 5000 watt 208/240 heater. It has settings for 3000, 4000, and 5000 watts. $69.99 and free shipping on orders over $99. 2 of these would make a dandy load bank you can use as a heater to boot.
  17. csheath

    Don't hate me, I ordered a DurOmax,

    Got wind of a sale on the dual fuel DurOmax, 10/8 KW gens for $499 on that auction site. I figured it was too good to pass up. They sold out of the cheap ones within an hour after I saw it mentioned on the tractor forum. The same unit is now advertised for $1499. After I assemble and load test...
  18. csheath

    MEP803A Sound Levels

    Not sure if anyone has done this before but the issue of noise levels comes up from time to time. I was doing my monthly load test and run so I thought I would record some decibel levels and share.
  19. csheath

    Fuel and Temp Gauges went wonky

    My fuel gauge quit a while back. It started back working while testing. Today I was showing my wife how to start the generator and manage loads during one of the 4 outages we had. She didn't hold it in start long enough and it shut down. When she restarted it the fuel gauge was dancing back and...
  20. csheath

    Fuel Rotation Day

    If you are like me and have other diesel powered equipment that gets used more often than your generator it is a good idea to rotate the fuel. I have only topped up my generator after each monthly load test for the 6 months I've owned it. I had to refill my storage drums a couple of weeks ago...
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