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  1. FloridaAKM

    AAR-50353-001 & AAR-50353-002 Mobile shops units

    I bought a couple of these units last year from Gov Planet & put one on my M-1081 & the other one on the ground on PT timbers. The one on the ground is an excellent workshop for electrical & hobby R/C work. I hooked 120v shore power to it & everything but the ECU works due to no 3 phase power ...
  2. FloridaAKM

    M-105a2 trailer cover, NOS

    My latest M-105a2 trailer came with a new cover & remaned sides. The cover is the vinyl material with ropes on the sides & ends for tie downs & buckles closer to the top to close up the trailer for storage & transport. Of the 1/2 dozen I have, this one totally threw me for a loop trying to...
  3. FloridaAKM

    Another Shout Out For Floridianson!

    This morning, James picked up & delivered a workshop shelter for me. The big issue was where it has to go in a tight space between two cedar trees in a major lovebugs storm. The huge lovebug storm was the worst I have ever seen due to the diesel engines running (his truck & my Deuce). I will not...
  4. FloridaAKM

    Removing Troop Seats & Fold Down Sides On M-1081!

    Tomorrow, I am tasked with picking up a mobile shop container from GP locally. In order to do so, the troop seats, fold down sides & 4 uprights need to be removed for loading the container (8 x 8 x 14) with a forklift. The fold down sides & tailgate have ss pins in them to keep from coming off...
  5. FloridaAKM

    Another Shout Out For Floridianson!

    James came to Gainesville today to help me pull the hydraulic head on the Deuce I got from GP last September (2017). Thanks to his knowledge, it was a breeze to get it all apart & discover the reason that it would not run was the spring under the head was broken in two pieces & the keeper was...
  6. FloridaAKM

    LMTV Turrent Cover Bolts

    After two years of owing a M-1081, I finally scored a cover from a member here @ the Dunham show. What size are the Allen head bolts that hold the cover on the truck? I have never seen one & my cover won't be home till next week & without the set of bolts. There are several places I can source...
  7. FloridaAKM

    M35A2C Recovery Trip

    Yesterday was a short recovery trip from the Gov Planet storage facility in Lake Butler to my place in Gainesville. The Deuce is a 1985 AM General cargo truck that I wanted to recover with my Deuce. The Ibis Tec tow bars I have only have feet for the MTVR vehicles, so plan B was to use a massive...
  8. FloridaAKM

    Transmission Oil Leak

    This afternoon, upon cranking up the M1081, she decides to show me another twist in the "What is wrong with me today show". The transmission filter plate, over the drive shaft, has started leaking when running @ about a drop every two seconds, class 3 leak for sure. I have a filter replacement...
  9. FloridaAKM

    LMTV Service Brake Issue

    Yesterday, I had to move the LMTV (M1081) & after the air built up, the service brakes would not release. Upon looking @ the actual brake pedal, it stayed on the floor & didn't return as normal. If I stuck my foot under the pedal & pulled up on it, the brakes released & the truck rolled like it...
  10. FloridaAKM

    Need M-1082 Moved To Florida From NC.

    I have a M-1082 that I bought two months ago from Ft Bragg. The trucking company that was supposed to pick it up stiffed me & a member here pulled it off base till arrangements could be made to get it back to Florida. My last attempt to get it just failed this morning when a friend went to pick...
  11. FloridaAKM

    M-1082 Trailer Pickup @ Fayetteville, North Carolina (Ft Bragg)

    It seems I have fallen into situation where a M-1082 trailer I won on the 1st of March & scheduled a pickup has fallen thru. The company that picked up my truck last April, can't get a truck into to do a pick after a week. Monday is the last free storage day, after that, it is $25.00 per day...
  12. FloridaAKM

    Re: Folding Ladders for MRAP's

    Re: Folding Ladders for MRAP's I picked up these ladders a short while back & thought posting them for ideas would be good. I am keeping two & one is already sold, but here they are.
  13. FloridaAKM

    Door Opening Attachments That Limit Door Overtravel

    Does anybody here have any pictures or information on the anchor bases & the nylon strap that limits the amount of travel on the doors of the A1 LMTV trucks. I do not think that the A0 has this feature. A set was offered to me & I can't quite figure out how it attaches to the truck side without...
  14. FloridaAKM

    Amy Gets Her Trailer After A Years Wait!

    My M-1081, Amy, got a M-1082 trailer & cover support this morning from GP. :jumpin: It seems folks are not hot to bid as the auction first starts. Now all I have to do is wait for it to be delivered & find a cover. Pictures will come after delivery.
  15. FloridaAKM

    Re: Pyro placement on the Deuce exhaust manifold!

    Re: Pyro placement on the Deuce exhaust manifold! A question to the learned experts here on the location of the correct placement of a pyro sensor. The proper place seems to be right above the turbo in the exhaust manifold. A buddy installed his today & he placed it on the rear exhaust manifold...
  16. FloridaAKM

    Re: Fuel & oil woes when they wind up mixed in the wrong place!

    Re: Fuel & oil woes when they wind up mixed in the wrong place! A fellow Steel Soldier in the Ocala area had a problem with his Deuce today of fuel spraying out of what he thought was the primary filter. The filter has not been checked or replaced in eons, so off to NAPA with the numbers I gave...
  17. FloridaAKM

    Genset Conversion From 3 Phase to Single Phase

    I am not sure about this one, but can a 3 phase MEP-804A be converted to single phase without a large amount of changes? Is it a doable project or a long shot. I do know that most other smaller gensets have selector switches just to do that, but am unsure of this unit! :?
  18. FloridaAKM

    October 2016 Ocala, Florida MV Meet

    I don't see it posted anywhere, but there is a 3 day meet in Ocala, Florida @ the Markets Of Marion this coming weekend, 28th, 29th & 30th. Local guys in the know will have to fill in the details that I am not privy to.;)
  19. FloridaAKM

    LMTV M1081 Title Now Transfered

    After waiting since the end of April when I purchased my M1081 to get the title, J Wade made it happen a few weeks ago. Major Thanks To Him! Today, I went to the tag agency to transfer the Florida title from GP to me. The lady who waited on me was trying very hard to make everything work as...
  20. FloridaAKM

    A Shout Out To Floridianson

    I have to stop & thank Floridianson for donating a set of 2-395x20 Goodyear LMTV tires, rims & CTIS gear to me for a spare in case I have a flat. He even delivered them to my hide a away next to the swamp. Gotta give him credit for even finding the place; Fed Ex can't! Thanks again
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