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  1. gunboy1656

    Deuce Crash - Subway drive thru.

    According to the article the driver avoided a wreck but ended up here. Nice looking truck. Does it belong to anyone here own this deuce?
  2. gunboy1656

    8th Aviation Appreciation Day, Aug 23rd

    This is a good time to show off your trucks, classic cars, airplanes, this year they are adding crafts into the mix. Last year we had 6 trucks show up, Hope more can come out this year. The event is held at the Beaver County airport, in Chippewa, PA 15010. No fee to enter. Breakfast and lunch...
  3. gunboy1656

    Alliance, Oh living history/MV show

    The show is the 19th and 20th of July. This show is a pretty good show, get to see reenactments. living camps. Get a short ride in the back of a deuce. Lots of things to see and a good way to spend a weekend. Here are some pics from last year............
  4. gunboy1656

    Western PA show and museum support. 17 Aug.

    There is a local air museum looking to drum up some money. So every year they host an annual fly/drive in show. No cost to enter, but donations are appreciated. Breakfast and lunch are served for a price. They are trying to raise 150,000 to restore a C47 from WW2. They have done their homework...
  5. gunboy1656

    Mules with recoilless rifles in Vietnam

    My dad had got into the local chapter of the Vietnam Veterans Assoc. and met a guy while doing a parade who said he drove the mule with RR during Vietnam. So the other day after a bunch of talking back and forth the guy brought over some pics of his days in country. Not too often have I seen...
  6. gunboy1656

    M37 observations and input wanted.

    I am normally a deuce guy, then became a mule guy. Now I am looking at getting my hands on an M37. I am wondering what quirks there is in owning one, the good, the bad. What to look for when buying one? Here is the one that is being contemplating......... One big factor is that it is close...
  7. gunboy1656

    MEMBER DOWN, Washington, PA

    I woke up this morning to a PM, I am not familiar with the 931 myself so I will post it for the audience. I do have a cell number but don't want to post it in the open. The Message is.... Zeisshensodt... Hey, I'm currently in the middle of a m931 recovery from the indiana GL lot and I ran...
  8. gunboy1656

    M105 trailer sides from Mo to PA

    I found a good deal on fiberglass sides and a cover for an M105, but before I commit to buying it I want to look at shipping options before I post on uship. Is there anyone coming this way for the holidays that can bring them to me? It will be 2 sides and a headboad as well as a new cover.
  9. gunboy1656

    Not for sale...

    Last Saturday I took my deuce to work with me since my wife needed the car for some running and to take her son to get his permit to drive. Had a bunch give the usual "I want one of those". Today I brought it in cause a couple people didn't get a chance to look it over since they were working...
  10. gunboy1656

    Just my luck. PMCS fuel housing leak.

    I was getting my truck ready for an upcoming move from my house. Got a load of stuff ready to take over to my dad's house to store until we find another place to move into. Yesterday after work I went out to get truck PMCS'd, I noticed a fuel leak out of the primary fuel filter housing. It was...
  11. gunboy1656

    106 recoilless rifle help

    I have hunted til I am blue in the face for a complete barrel lock. I found a couple at MMA, and until I win the lottery I won't be buying it. What I am looking for is either 1 of 2 things, first is complete measurements for all the parts OR be able to borrow someone so I can get some...
  12. gunboy1656

    Machine gun tripod question

    I have a replica M60 that I am trying to clean up some of the junk parts. Like cut up bipod legs, top cover and feed tray. I am wanting to get my hands on a tripod, according to manual the M60 uses the M122 tripod. Have been hunting one for a while now, but all I keep finding is an M2. When I...
  13. gunboy1656

    Western PA members

    This weekend at Beaver County airport they are having their drive/fly in. It will be Saturday morning. They will serve a breakfast and a lunch for participants. No cost to enter. Not sure of the times for the event right now, but I will be calling for that info tomorrow. I am taking out my...
  14. gunboy1656

    never posted pics of my 220/211

    Until now. It is a 1956 M220, that has a cargo bed on it. I came from a drilling company who scrapped the bed before I got it. This was a spare bed they had laying around so they threw it on for no charge. Well today I finally got pics to have of it on my computer, the pics are taken as the...
  15. gunboy1656

    Deuce ladder question

    I was recently given the go ahead and buy a deuce boarding ladder for a cargo truck. I have looked all around and the only ones I can find do not have the handrails. So what I am looking for are the dimensions for the hand rail to fabricate my own. Unless one of you can point me to one that...
  16. gunboy1656

    Need some mule detail pictures

    Today we were working on my mule and was correcting some issues still, like the steering wheel was straight up not angled. trying to straighten out the brake and clutch cables. The one issue we are having right now is the throttle is not returning. We know the cable is loose, but moving the...
  17. gunboy1656

    Trailers Picked up today

    First I will start of by saying pics will be posted later. So today started out at 0345 today with Me in my deuce and dad following in his pickup (he ain't so dumb). started out and all went fine except rain (I can STILL hear the wipers) I had an appointment for 1300, but made it out there at...
  18. gunboy1656

    wright patt pickup

    OK so my EUC clears yesterday, start making the calls I need to get the ball in motion to go get my trailers. My brother in law tells me he can't go, (he used all his time off for his fathers funeral) he is the only one with a large enough pickup truck and trailer. So now I am scrambling to find...
  19. gunboy1656

    M211 mess truck

    I thought this was an interesting photo my friend posted online of his dad in the Army as a Mess Sgt. Not sure of the date of the pic. I have never seen a deuce set up like this before. Figured you guys would like to see it.
  20. gunboy1656

    I finally got a mule.

    My dad and I are rebuilding a recoilless rifle and needed something to mount it on, well today my father and I went to the ride through history show in Alliance, OH. This was my dads first show, which he seemed to enjoy for a lot of reasons. Well there was a couple mules sitting there he was...
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