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  1. bigbee

    We need an MRAP category

    Followed a link to youtube in another post and found this!:grin: I LOVE IT! I want one!:shock::drool::drool::drool::jumpin: Never see things like this in parades around here. Just watched it again, I think I better go clean myself!
  2. bigbee

    Bobbed 818 4sale-not mine

    A guy at work told me about a truck that was painted like a "TONKA" truck he saw at a dealer just south of Traverse City. Went looking to take pics, but didn't find that one. I did find this one, though. Looks like a pretty decent job on the bob, don't know about the engine or tranny. I've...
  3. bigbee

    FOR SE MICHIGAN and others interested

    Received a request for Military Vehicles to display while the Vietnam "Moving Wall" is in Brighton, from SEPTEMBER 11 through 14. Wall will be on display at Mt. Brighton/Jackal Golf Club on Bauer Rd. Vehicles on display may be there or at the airport 4 miles away where the Huey from Peru, IN...
  4. bigbee

    FMTV Competitor pics

    As promised. The three front views were taken through the fence at the Gaylord, MI DNR disposal lot in fall of 1994. The rear views were taken August 1995, when ODJEEPER and I recorded all the serial numbers. The one Tactical Truck entry is number TE003G. The others are...
  5. bigbee

    XM??? Armored Car

    Hey Rory, See this on your signature line---XM???---If you post up some pics we may be able to help put a number to it. I am a wheeled armor fan and would love to help find its history. Brian
  6. bigbee


    Cabell, Rather than steal Keith's thread, here's a pic of Pete K's XM708 at one of our fall trail rides. Don't know if this let's you get a vision of the mud flaps or not. I looked for one from the back, but all I have are a lot of the front end. (The photographer was riding in the back of...
  7. bigbee

    Modeler's Forum

    Seeing the quality of Charles King's work, and knowing that several of us have "dabbled" in scale models for a while, how about a MODELER"S FORUM? I have done a lot of models in 1/35 scale, though I do not claim to be of the detail and quality that Charles has shown. It allows me to have a...
  8. bigbee

    Help Needed desperately

    This could be an M37 question or general electircal-but I'm perplexed. Bought M37, started and ran fine, except the only electrical that worked was gauges, turn signals (12V), and horn. Rest of wiring was shot, one headlight was black. Bought new harness (second hand, never installed...
  9. bigbee

    House Haulin' on HGTV

    Anybody ever see this show? Just watched a 10 Ton tractor painted in pretty blue and white move a 4,000 sq foot house on to a barge someplace on the gulf coast. Not even a grunt from the truck. Couple weeks ago they were on Grosse Isle in Detroit moving a house in 3 pieces from one side of...
  10. bigbee

    My tractor in the classifieds

    I know I just got into the "big trucks" a couple months ago. I wasn't thinking things through. Bought the 348A2 trailer on an impulse, then HAD to have something to tow it with. Now, reality sets in. Anyway, check the ad. Let me know what you think. $5,500 pretty much covers what I've...
  11. bigbee

    Trailer plug

    for my M348A2N semi trailer. Anyone have a source for the electrical plug for the front of a military semi-trailer? "THEY" cut off the original and wired up a civvy version that only worked the tail lights/turn signals. Managed to jury rig a harness off a standard trailer to work for the...
  12. bigbee

    here's the newest

    The tractor got delivered last weekend while I was down playing on the trails at Grayling with the Museum's M880. The M275 is SWEET!!!!! [thumbzup] Tranny's nice and tight, no leaks to speak of, starts at first push, scaringly quiet inside. Does need new exhaust and some other cosmetics...
  13. bigbee

    Here's my new project

    Trailer, Semi, Van, Electronic, 6 ton, 2 wheel, M348A2N This is the baby that JROSBO from IL was nice enough to pick up for me and hold at his place. some of the pics are ones he took. Needs a lot of cleaning inside, hoping to use it for my camper at the MMMT Camp Graylilng Color Tour Trail...
  14. bigbee

    mounting composite taillights?

    For all you people that have the composite turn signal/black out lights on your M37s-how did you modify the brackets to fit the lights? For the front: I found that the front marker light brackets have the wire hole too high to fit the wires through and am not happy with cutting the hole...
  15. bigbee

    Have to sell-hate to do it

    boy oh boy is it hard to type these words. :( I am selling my 53 M37 w/w, 2 parts trucks, and assorted pieces and parts. Long story short, too many of this truck available for our Museum displays and I've decided to move to something a little less common. 1953 M37, w/winch: Exellent...
  16. bigbee

    Central MI Group

    The Central Michigan company of the Great Lakes MVPA will be having a get together at Island Park in Mount Pleasant. 12 noon on August 19. Everyone within an hour or so of Mt. Pleasant is welcome to attend. Those who want to come from farther away are also welcome. Military vehicles...
  17. bigbee

    INFO ON Deuce tractor

    Looking for info on what is listed as an M275, 2/5 ton tractor, multi-fuel. Just picked up a electronics van semi-trailer and need something to tow it with. Anyone with experience with these? I don't think these are very common trucks.
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