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    Brake light issue.

    M35A3 dual circuit brakes. Directional and hazards work fine. Jump the leads from the air pack light switch and brake lights come on. Continuity test on the air brake light switch reads fine. Connectors appear solid and are tight on switch pins. Common sense (not my strongest trait) says...

    M35A3 Winch controller

    Is there a way/device available so that I can manually control my winch from outside the cab? The pin that moves up and down to control forward and reverse is easily accessible and already has a hole. The data plates are not legible therefore unable to offer any model#s, etc. Thanks in advance...

    Transfer case temp?

    Took a one hour drive to the bay this afternoon. Outside temp was 75F. Eng temp was 170. Trans temp 140-150. The transfer case was hotter than the trans to touch. Don't have an infared temp device. Fluid is full and clean but will change the gear oil to see if it helps. Any thoughts and thanks...

    Spare tire?

    Can this tire/wheel combination with the adapter be used a a spare for my A3 with singles? Thanks in advance.

    What am I missing here..

    New to me Bobbed A3. What seems to be part of the crankcase ventilation system appears to be missing a hose that connects to the the top of the housing. It looks as though it should have some type of spin on filter on the base. Tried parts search using TMs but nothing. Any thougts and thanks in...

    Brake Bleeding

    Noticed a small leak on the drivers side metal brake line that runs from the junction to the top of the rear wheel where the bleeder is. I am going to remove the line in hopes of finding something local (Napa?). When the line is replaced do I bleed the brake system as I have always done in the...

    Oil capacity?

    93 M35a3. Changed the oil/filter for the 1st time on my truck. Napa 1971 Filter and started with 19 qts Rotella 15w40. Started and ran for 10 minutes. The oil appears overfilled. 1" above full mark on the dipstick. I used 5 fresh 1 gallon containers with 1 qt left. I am wondering if there is a...

    Air assist repair.

    My actuator seemed fine as per the Maradyne TM. The steering was very weak. I took the air cylinder apart and the components were in bad shape. The bore was Ok except for some very mild pitting in the center where the piston would rest. I used a micrometer to measure the rubber seal for the 5"...

    New guy from New Jersey

    Hello all: Great forum. New to me 1993 M35A3 w/ trailer. 6k miles. So many questions..... Searched but would love some help. Tach would pin at any RPM, adjusted sensor and now it functions but RPMs seem way too high. At +/- 48-50 mph the tach reads 3000 rpm. I don't think I'm revving that high...
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