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  1. 85CUCVtom

    Engine swap poll

    Just want to get a general feeling of how everyone feels about engine swaps in the CUCV line of trucks. My engine is fine as of now, I just want to poll the crowd here and see everyone's opinions. I have a blazer now and I always tell myself that if/when the 6.2 goes, I would love to have a 383...
  2. 85CUCVtom

    B17 Nine-O-Nine crash in CT - 2019-10-02 Not a good...
  3. 85CUCVtom

    New proportioning valve for M1009

    I know this has been discussed before on SS but I am curious if anyone has used this valve as a replacement for the original OEM unit. According to JEGS this should fit the bill: It appears to be correct but can anyone confirm? It looks to be the...
  4. 85CUCVtom

    Mystery part!!

    Lets play a game of name that part! I pulled my M1009 out of the garage Sunday and found this little guy under the vehicle. I have no idea where it came from- maybe someone here could help? There is a slight possibility it isn't even from my Blazer. I was removing an old garage door opener...
  5. 85CUCVtom

    Living History Weekend at Liberty Aviation Museum- July 28th & 29th

    I saw this while scrolling through Facebook- figured someone would appreciate it. It appears that they are having a swap meet, military vehicle show, C-47 rides and vendors of some sort. Might be a cool event.
  6. 85CUCVtom

    Need advice on M1009 upper ball joint sleeve

    So I replaced my ball joints today and I followed the install instructions in the TM pertaining to the upper ball joint adjusting sleeve but I feel like something is wrong here. The adjusting sleeve seems deep in the knuckle and a lot of threads are visible. I followed the torque instructions to...
  7. 85CUCVtom

    Question regarding M1009 wheels

    I really hate to start a new thread about this but I am getting conflicting information on the subject. I'm getting some new rubber for the blazer and my wheels are kinda rough, so I figured I would get some new steel wheels. I found a set of wheels that match up: the backspacing, the bolt...
  8. 85CUCVtom

    Need help finding correct tie rod for M1009

    I'm replacing a bunch of the front end components on my Blazer rust wagon before I get a new set of rubber. Darn near every tie rod has excessive play in the joint and I want to alignment. My problem is that I cant find the tie rod at my local parts stores. I referenced the TM and it comes...
  9. 85CUCVtom

    M1009 Warn premium hubs

    I really hate to start a new thread on this but I have searched the forum and can't find what I need. I have to re-pack my hubs and I want to upgrade from the stock locking hubs to the Warn Premium hubs. I can't find a part number for the correct hub set for this truck, maybe someone here has...
  10. 85CUCVtom

    Optima promo videos featuring CUCV's

    Maybe some of you have already seen this video put out by Opitma but I found this today and wanted to share it. If you are on Instagram and follow Chevy squarebody or military stuff you might recognize a few of the guys and their vehicles. Hope you enjoy! Sent...
  11. 85CUCVtom

    P400 motor vs 6500 Optimizer in M1009

    So I've been thinking about doing a motor swap in the next couple years. I'm just kicking ideas around now and I really like the idea of these two motors. I can't seem to find a good comparison between the two. I guess the P400 is the better of the two. Another question I have is how would the...
  12. 85CUCVtom

    HVLP tip size for Rapco paints

    So I'm looking at buying a paint gun to paint the bed of my M1009 and some other small parts. I'll be shooting Rapco 383 green CARC substitute cut 4-1 with Xylene per Rapco's specs. Ive done a little painting here and there but never really had to set up a spray gun. The gun I'm looking at...
  13. 85CUCVtom

    Where to learn about radios/HAMs

    So the whole amateur radio/HAM thing has always intrigued me, I don't know anybody personally who is into it, is there a good source I can read up and learn some very basics like terminology, types of radios, uses, etc?
  14. 85CUCVtom

    M1009 spindle bearing replacement

    Alright, I've searched high and low looking for the answer to my question. I have to replace the passenger side spindle on my Blazer, the threads are significantly damaged. So I'm going to replace the drivers side spindle bearing for good measure. Ive never done this before and have read that...
  15. 85CUCVtom

    Place to talk about other vehicles/engines

    Is there a sutiable place on SS to talk "shop" and ask tech related questions about other vehicles.
  16. 85CUCVtom

    Drivers door window regulator replacement.

    So my window regulator is all jammed up and won't roll up or down. I have a new regulator and was wondering if anybody has had to replace one? I'm just looking for any advice or tips to make it a little easier. Thanks
  17. 85CUCVtom

    Questions on installing hard top glass

    I'm trying to seal up my hardtop windows on my M1009. They were leaking a little and figured I would take them apart and clean and re-seal everything. My question is when re-installing, do I install rubber onto the top then put the glass into it or do I install the rubber around the glass and...
  18. 85CUCVtom

    Starter bolt question, need advice

    I had to replace the starter solenoid on my M1009 yesterday. It wasn't until I was done that I realized your supposed to replace the starter bolts too. None of the Chevy dealers had them, I ended up getting the GM ones off RockAuto. My question to you guys is would I be better off using...
  19. 85CUCVtom

    M1009 rear axle in and out play

    I know that a little in and out play in a c-clip axle, like the GM 10 bolt, is normal but how much is normal? Mine slides in and out maybe a 1/4" give or take a little. I looked in teh TM's and couldn't find what I was looking for. Please let me know what you guys think.
  20. 85CUCVtom

    M1009 brake same as civy?

    My brakes are starting to make noise on my M1009 and might need to be replaced. I'm gonna get in there and look around this weekend to get an idea of exactly whats going on. I'm pricing everything out just in case. The question I have is, when ordering parts at the part store are my pads...
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