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  1. lfhoward

    Spare tire under trailer?

    I have a M116A3 that is running civilian pickup truck wheels (16 inch steel rims with 31’s). I am interested in fabricating an under-trailer spare tire carrier using a pickup truck spare tire winch. Has anyone with an M101 or M116 done this before, and if so, would you be willing to share some...
  2. lfhoward

    How to rehabilitate trailer connector cable?

    The 12-pin electrical connector cable on my M116A3 has seen better days. Although electrically it works fine, the rubber is so degraded that it leaves my hands covered in black residue when I plug or unplug it from my vehicle, and the rubber has cracked to the point that it is almost...
  3. lfhoward

    New master cylinder question

    I recently replaced the master cylinder and rehabbed the surge brakes on my M116A3 using parts from Croft Trailer Supply. Everything was a direct swap. The trailer rides amazingly well with rebuilt brakes and new bearings. New master cylinder and other brake parts installed. The master...
  4. lfhoward

    M116A3 lugnut size

    Does anyone know where to get replacement lug nuts for the M116A3 8-lug hub? Are they the same studs and nuts that the Hummers use? HMMWV NSN: 5310-01-021-9027 Thanks!
  5. lfhoward

    M101A3 & M116A3 front support leg with jack

    I recently acquired a 1991 Kasel M116A3 trailer that I will be converting into an off-road camper to pull behind my Jeep. Today I picked up a front support leg for my trailer that has a jack incorporated into it. This will make hitching and unhitching the trailer from the Jeep easier, as well...
  6. lfhoward

    M116A3 Camping Trailer Build

    Hello SteelSoldiers, This is my first post. I've been lurking for a while, as I bought an M116A3 flatbed trailer at auction in March and this site is full of good information. Thanks! I am posting today because I'd like to get your feedback. I want to create an off-road camper out of my...
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