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  1. Ram1911

    Correct FMTV stencil font?

    From what I read the Marsh font was correct in WW2. Here's one that is a German DIN stencil called Schablonierschrift (literally "stencil/template script"), but looks pretty close. as well as...
  2. Ram1911

    Correct FMTV stencil font?

    So far, what I have gathered, is it's close to something called MARSH font, 1 1/2 inches for bumper markings, 1 inch for other markings (Tire Pressure, etc.) unless perhaps NOT A STEP may be 1 1/2 inch. I'm deriving this from MIL-STD-129R "MILITARY MARKING FOR SHIPMENT AND STORAGE." That said...
  3. Ram1911

    Wreckers: Do people buy them for hobby or use?

    CO G (FSC, FA) , 113 Support Bn, ISO my old Bn, 1-163 FA, which was a 105mm ARNG Bn at the time. They're composite now, since "Modularity 2.0" came and brought back Btry C as a 155mm T unit in the Infantry BCTs. It's in Evansville, IN. My unit now is in Wackernheim, Germany, USAR. COVID killed...
  4. Ram1911

    CAT 3116 initial startup hints/tips

    IDK, but I just watched a good video on the 3116, and it sounds like a potential pain.
  5. Ram1911

    Rental truck to tow pintle equipment trailer with air brakes?

    It would depend on how heavy the trailer is, but if it was not too big, you could tow it with caged brakes behind a large enough truck, where the truck becomes a ballast tractor.
  6. Ram1911

    COL K's African Queen Article in Hagerty Magazine Jan 2020

    Nice! Are those BMGs dummies, or is this "Knob Creek Ready?"
  7. Ram1911

    African Queen 1943 M16A2 MGMC Half-Track

    If you dig, you can still find Tabular Firing Tables (TFT) for 50 BMG for indirect fire, similar to mortars and howitzers, which is how they determined aiming. I can't imagine they'd be super effective on small groups of soldiers, but if you're a young Vietnamese insurgent with no experience...
  8. Ram1911

    Unusual sighting- Mercedes van with European plates

    Could be German military or diplomatic. Given that it's a van, probably official, or a bigwig's personal RV. Do you recall what was on the plate? Was the plate a typical civilian German plate with city codes (B, D, H, F, K, M, S, HH, KL, WI, NM, AM, AN, GAP, NEW, etc.) or did it start off (#)0...
  9. Ram1911

    Do lay people refer to your MTVR as a "Deuce and a half"?

    Point of order...wouldn't that be a deuce and TEN halves? :p
  10. Ram1911

    Wreckers: Do people buy them for hobby or use?

    One thing's for sure. If I owned one, I'd probably have bought more surplus stuff since I would then be able to move the other stuff, like gensets, ISO boxes, etc. Not to mention farm use. I've "owned" 2 MTV wreckers and a HEMTT wrecker. Unfortunately, my boss doesn't believe in "possession is...
  11. Ram1911

    Is it safer to wear seatbelts, or not?

    Army has a consolidated database and sends out accident reports to all safety personnel from the unit safety rep up to the Director of Army Safety. I spent 6 weeks at Ft Rucker in 2014, and one of my classes was accident site survey and reconstruction. Almost all accidents can be prevented. One...
  12. Ram1911

    READ: GL/GSA/other auction posts (2007 Version)

    Best I can say is - human nature being what it is - if you want people to actually read the rules, you practically have to set things up so they actually have to read and acknowledge each specification individually, or at least waste their time proportionately to actual reading time if they...
  13. Ram1911

    Anyone have info on the M32K-4A?

    I just uploaded the TM -10 equivalent (NAVAIR) for this.
  14. Ram1911

    Rough Terrain Trailer A/M32K-4/-4A NAVAIR 19-25E-43

    Had to dig to find this (and it was on a pay site). Hope this is helpful to my fellow SS member brethren.
  15. Ram1911

    Anyone have info on the M32K-4A?

    They're actually air-actuated hydraulic brakes, and one should easily, though perhaps not cheaply, be able to put an electric actuating hydraulic conversion on them. You'll want a front pintle mount on the tow vehicle if you ever need to do any serious backing, like into a barn.
  16. Ram1911

    Anyone have info on the M32K-4A?

    I"m not sure what you would gain by buying one of these and retrofitting it versus finding a good used civilian bumper tow cart-style trailer. It's not a traditional ladder frame, and the deck is aluminum and somewhat prone to pressure point overloading like a cargo ramp on a C-130 (et al).
  17. Ram1911

    Anyone have info on the M32K-4A?

    Per NAVAIR 19-25E-43, single unloaded trailers can be towed at 50 MPH on hard surfaces, 30 on rock, and 10 MPH cross country. I towed my first one back to Indy from MCAS Beaufort, SC in Jan 2017 behind my 08 Grand Cherokee CRD. Picked it up, and watched an F35B do a vertical landing while I...
  18. Ram1911

    Connected my MEP-803A the proper way as my home standby generator... Install pics...

    NFPA codes only apply where and how incorporated, since they are not laws in and of themselves. That said, they are good standards to adhere to unless a tougher standard is the law in your jurisdiction. If anything, they would help you in the event something bad did occur, your lawyer would have...
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