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  1. Katavic918

    m35a2 startup procedure question

    I had watched a video a while back of someone starting an m35a2. In the video the shutdown handle was in the out position. He cranked the engine with the handle still out for a second, then pushed the handle it and started the engine. Is there a reason to crank the engine with the handle out or...
  2. Katavic918

    how much zddp additive?

    Hey all, I looked around and can't really find a specific answer to how much zddp I should add to my ldt465. I am using conventional rotella 1540 and zddplus brand additive in 4oz bottles. I am the type of person who tends to over do things. So far I have added 2 4oz bottles to a fresh oil...
  3. Katavic918

    Converting From Generator to Alternator

    This morning around 4:30 while out with the dog I smelled the faint but unmistakable smell of electrical burning. I walked by the deuce and caught a strong whiff. I disconnected the batteries and started looking in the cab and under the hood. Yup, you guessed it, stupid Generator. Lucky it...
  4. Katavic918

    m35a2 alt/generator question

    Hi everyone I have a quick question about different styles of alternators. My new a2 has a leece-neville 60a generator which I assume is an older style since I can find less information on it than the prestolite 60a. My question is do the have a replacable end bell (voltage regulator) like the...
  5. Katavic918

    Shield Deuce

    I found one of the shield Deuces. Apparently it was a prop used in a marvel movie/series. I went to look at it a few months ago buy some expenses came up and I decided to pass on it. A week ago the guy called me up with a can't refuse price and now it is my 7th registered vehicle. It's actually...
  6. Katavic918

    M923A2 White smoke issue

    I am in the process of buying an M923A2 with an 8.3 in it. Everything looks good except when it starts there is a ton of white smoke (fuel not coolant). This will continue for about 5 minutes and then will start to slowly reduce. Once the motor is warmed up it still has a haze to it but the...
  7. Katavic918

    M923a2 transfer case lever disconnected?

    I'm looking at an m923a2 to buy and during my inspection I noticed the transfer case lever is missing its pivot pin. Im wondering why they would have disabled it or if the pin just came out on its own somehow. I would appreciate any opinions. Thanks.
  8. Katavic918

    Can anyone identify this spring base?

    Can anyone tell me what these bases are for? They have 1" -14 threads and no markings. It looks like a lot of antennas use the 6707 and 3900 bases which look like they have a larger thread. I modified 2 of the 4 I have for CB antenna use but would be nice to know what military antenna I could...
  9. Katavic918

    How to calculate tread percentage on 9x20 ndt's

    So....basically i need to know what the tread depth on new 9x20's is. Thanks for any help.
  10. Katavic918

    A few questions about "is this normal for a HMMWV"

    I recently bought a HMMWV. When I went to pick it it was the first time I have ever even touched one. So as you can tell this is a learning experience from the start. It is a 1991 m998 with a 6.2 and th400 trans. I have been in the mechanical\technical field for 15 years and have a pretty good...
  11. Katavic918

    My deuce finally has a little brother

    Just wanted to post a few pics of my new M998. So far it looks like I got a good one. I found my front tires towed out an inch and a half, steering stop bolts misadjusted, and whoever installed my new rear half shaft though finger tight was good enough for the inner bolts. Other than that...
  12. Katavic918

    Years of m35a2's

    I have noticed that most deuces I see are 1968 to 1972. Does anyone know why there seems to be more of these years around than others?
  13. Katavic918

    HMMWV number meaning?

    I recently bought a HMMWV and i have the following insignia on the inside of my wheel well. : NG3WMP. I'm thinking its national guard....unit numbet....military police. Any help is appreciated.
  14. Katavic918

    HMMWV tire squeal

    Is it normal for an m998 to squeal the tires when turning? The trans case is in H and it seems like the inside rear tire is squealing when I make a turn. Thanks for any info.
  15. Katavic918

    Last of the HMMWVs from govplanet?

    I just noticed on govplanet that there are 74 HMMWVs for sale and 3926 sold. I remember reading a while back that there would be 4000 total to be sold. I hope I'm wrong but is this the last of them for sale?
  16. Katavic918

    Breakfast in Mount Airy

    Is anyone interested in meeting at the IHOP this Saturday at 10:00? I guess this is still a monthly get together but i haven't seen it posted lately. Just throwing it out there.
  17. Katavic918

    Can anyone tell me what this engine overhauled date means

    I'm guessing it might mean 29th week of 2008.
  18. Katavic918

    thinking of buying second mv

    I just bought my first mv last may, an m35a2. My neighbor informed me of an m109 for sale local. Stopped to look and it's in sweet shape. Only wants 5500. So I have the cash but not too much space. I already have 2 cars a truck and the m35. I really want the 109 but I'm not sure if I'm...
  19. Katavic918

    Reverse light

    Found a perfect fitting light for the back of the deuce. It's a 48w flood led. In the slim to none chance I would need to use the trailer plug I could easily flip the light. I'm happy with the results and look.
  20. Katavic918

    Added fuel shutoff

    I was inspired by Rustystud to add a fuel shutoff as an additional line of defense against a run away. I used a 3/8 yor-lok valve with compression sleeves. I also added a 15" handle extension. The zip ties are there to give it a professional look.
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