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  1. Recovry4x4

    Double Tow Bar Adapter Wanted

    Greetings folks. I am kinda searching for one of these double towbar adapters. I have one here already sooo, if you have an oddball, I can use it. Don't worry, I know all about their propensity to break. I'd like to have a pair for my CUCV which they should be fine with. If anyone has ever...
  2. Recovry4x4

    Georgia Rally Multimedia Compilation

    Okay, I spent some time at Papabears Saturday talking and telling tales with him and Tony. Lots of stuff we remembered and more that we've probably forgot. Since yesterday, I've spend a lot of hours going back and looking through and reading some of the commentary and checking out pics from...
  3. Recovry4x4

    Wanted, CUCV Tie Down Extension aka Shackle Mount

    Greetings folks! I am seeking the rectangular extension piece of a CUCV front lift and tie down bracket. The part number for this is 14067795. I would also be okay with one of these extensions from the rear of a CUCV as well, I can redrill it. Those are 14067770 and 14067787. It is item #2...
  4. Recovry4x4

    Stripping the box off of an M1010

    If anyone has done this, how hard was it to repair the back of the cab? I know cucvrus has done a few. Mine isn't selling so thinking of stripping off the body.
  5. Recovry4x4

    NP208 Transfer Case knowledge base

    Greetings folks, in my quest for an NV4500, I now have a Dodge NP208. It should bolt to the back of the NV but there's a problem. It not only has the 6 bolts, it has a registering dowel too. The trans isn't drilled for that. None of my GM 208 transfer cases have that nor does the Dodge NP241...
  6. Recovry4x4

    Tool Review, Genius GB40 booster

    Greetings folks. I have no affiliation with this company but really like this product. The GB 40 is a compact jump box. There are several reviews of these on YouTube but I wanted to add the MV angle. Here at the house, we have 3. Wife, myself and my one driving son. I was recently greeted...
  7. Recovry4x4

    M880 New Process 203 Transfer Cases

    Does anyone have a stash of these anywhere? They used to be plentiful and cheap. Not seen any in a while. While it's not a parts wanted thread, I need to make sure one is available before I move with a tranny purchase.
  8. Recovry4x4

    Sealant/ Gasket maker.

    Folks, I'm working on a 14 bolt axle. In the past I've used Ultra copper on the axle shafts. My foggy memory recalls a better product used on Steel Soldiers for this application and oil pans and such. I can't recall the name to do a search. Anyone have any idea or suggestions? The stuff that...
  9. Recovry4x4

    Scepter Fuel Nozzle Failure

    Greetings folks. Has anyone else had any issues with the Scepter style offuel spout for the jerry cans? I first noticed a reduced rate of discharge. No one wants to hold up a full can for any longer than necessary. In my experience, you can dump a can in a minute with a proper functioning...
  10. Recovry4x4

    Chevy 4x4 Dump (K30) Recovered

    I am in search of a K30 chassis cab with either a contractors (mason) dump or flatbed dump. Would like something I can use all these CUCV parts on. Not really interested in a 6.2 or a stick but would consider one. Attached is something along the lines of my needs. I also have an M1010 for...
  11. Recovry4x4

    Advance Search Advice

    I am trying to search for specific post. Using advanced search, is there any way I can search for xxxx and yyyy insteadof xxxx or yyyy?
  12. Recovry4x4

    M1010 Dually

    Greetings folks! I am trying to find a thread where someone posted that they have a CUCV ambulance and it had a cab and chassis dually rear axle. I have been searching the site and google for some time now and I can't find it. I thought I saved the pic but sure can't find it now. Anyone...
  13. Recovry4x4

    Contact Truck Exterior Work Lights. (M1031)

    Folks, I'm looking for ideas on lighting the contact truck up. I currently have some inexpensive side mount LEDs on the box but looking to expand. Right now I have a 24" Ibis Tek HID bar that I'm planning to use along with a pair of Whelen Pioneer floods. I still have route clearance lights...
  14. Recovry4x4

    CUCU style starting system on 12V truck.

    Weighing some options here on a truck. I am considering getting a crew cab and would like to go to 24V starting. On a stock CUCV, there is that pesky relay under the dash. As most know, the truck uses 12V to energize a relay (doghead) that then connects and provides 24V. Is there any good...
  15. Recovry4x4

    Warrior AL (B'ham) to GA Rally

    Folks, anyone coming through this area with space for a SnapOn roll cab? I will only buy it if I can arrange a ride.
  16. Recovry4x4

    Off Road Design Engine Crossmember

    I am looking for any and all feedback on this crossmember and its use on any CUCV. I'm on the verge of pulling an oil pan and doing this crossmember may ease my time on my back.
  17. Recovry4x4

    Oil Pressure has left the building.

    Good or bad luck, I'm not certain. The other day I started the SECMish CUCV to be treated to a big red idiot light telling the idiot that there is an oil pressure problem. Today I finally switched out the sender but still had a warning light. Hooked up a gauge and confirmed the worse. Odd that...
  18. Recovry4x4

    Columbia (Lexington) SC potential pickup.

    Folks, I am considering bidding on a small block chevy in this area. Anyone in the area have the means to grab this and store it, possibly until October? Thanks in advance.
  19. Recovry4x4

    Ibis Tek vs Route Clearance Lights

    Greetings folks. I have one of the smaller Ibis Tek HID light bar. With the price coming down on route clearance lights I'm wondering which one would be best/brightest. I know the Ibis Tek has the IR LED but that's not as important as the regular lights.
  20. Recovry4x4

    CUCV Instrument Cluster Questions

    Well, finally underway with the trans swap on my SECM. When I pulled the cluster out I was greeted with a destroyed printed circuit. New one is being shipped in. The question is can I start this sucker up to move it across the yard? Thanks
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