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  1. Recovry4x4

    New member from Georgia

    it looks great with the half bed on it
  2. Recovry4x4

    Created a problem. rear duramax brakes, stock master

    How did you bleed it? If you bled it by foot, I would guess that you depressed the main seal too far into the bore (which is likely funky) and tore the seal. If you powerbled and didn't over press the brakes, disregard my post.
  3. Recovry4x4

    M1028 4.56 to 3.73 ?

    This is interesting. I really thought I screwed up switching from 4.56 to 4.10 now that the NV4500 is going in. Looking at your post and considering the 1800-2400 powerband, mine might be perfect. Using the Grimm Jeeper gear calc online, here are some of the numbers for my combo (235/85R16...
  4. Recovry4x4

    Florida man. Long time lurker, first time posting.

    Welcome to town Brother! Glad you are posting. Folks around here are pretty fair if I must say so. All your stuff looks great. If you decide to reassemble the cargo truck, member Wheelspinner is in NC and has a few LMTV parts trucks (piles). LOL
  5. Recovry4x4

    Mulemac01 M275 restoration and rebuild tread. GOt it home!

    I think the coolest part of the winch deal is the fact that you found one from a gasser with the correct drum lock knob. Looks outstanding. The pic is a gasser M275 I bought from Dave at Eastern Surplus in 2001. It ran and drove but it was real early in my collecting and I sold it to buy a...
  6. Recovry4x4

    Duals with flipped hubs

    If you look at the pic of just the hub/drum, the bearings are just under the flange. That is the correct placement for duals. In that position, the area between the duals is right above the bearings. Removing either tire compromises this. The only correct method to run single is either with the...
  7. Recovry4x4

    New member from Georgia

    Welcome aboard friend. Glad to have you here. Test your skills when you get a chance, post a pic of your tractor.
  8. Recovry4x4

    Manual trans clutch and flywheel.

    From what I'm hearing, the 4500 is kinda noisy. Mine is very quiet, likely because it's still sitting on the garage floor.
  9. Recovry4x4

    Duals with flipped hubs

    On my first picture, that is a dual wheel truck without the outer duals on. I chose that pic to illustrate how much hub sticks out. I forget why I removed the outer tires. I found the receipt for that truck the other day. I paid $197.76 back in 2002. The V17AMTQ came as a single wheel truck...
  10. Recovry4x4

    Manual trans clutch and flywheel.

    What are you trying to assemble? Are you putting the 6.5, NV4500 in as a unit? What parts did it come with?
  11. Recovry4x4

    Duals with flipped hubs

    This may help. I don't have a pic that I can find of the hubs flipped but here is what it looks like with the outside duals off. You can see how much hub is exposed. Edit, here is a pic of a V17AMTQ. You can see that the rims are on in the same direction but almost no hub sticks out with the...
  12. Recovry4x4

    Duals with flipped hubs

    Your data is incorrect here. The flange out is for singles whether it be A3 or 900x20 singles on a budd dual rim. Moving the flange in is where it is required to be to run duals. If you add duals to the flange out position, your rear axle is going to be nearly 9' wide at the outside of the...
  13. Recovry4x4

    Deuce jacking procedure

    That's what I've always done.
  14. Recovry4x4

    Duals with flipped hubs

    Flange out is the proper setup for running singles whether it be 9.00X20 or 14.5R20 such as the A3. The flange needs to be inward to run duals on the rear and keep them under the bed. If you plan on flipping your A3 rims to dish in, plan on purchasing the special chamfer tool so that you can...
  15. Recovry4x4

    New to the forum

    Welcome aboard and your truck looks awesome. Since you have figured out posting pics, you should be fine! I'm a recovering deuce addict. Been on the wagon over 6 years now.
  16. Recovry4x4

    Double Tow Bar Adapter Wanted

    Greetings folks. I am kinda searching for one of these double towbar adapters. I have one here already sooo, if you have an oddball, I can use it. Don't worry, I know all about their propensity to break. I'd like to have a pair for my CUCV which they should be fine with. If anyone has ever...
  17. Recovry4x4

    Looking for original M1009 door lock set

    Well, on Nov 24th I sent a package off to forall71 in B'Ham AL. It left N GA and arrived in Queens NY on the 27th. Departed Queens NY on the 28th and arrived at ATL on the 29th. Departed ATL and arrived in B'Ham finally. Hopefully they will deliver it soon before it finds it's way to LA.
  18. Recovry4x4

    Yes or no camper top

    Well, necessity is the mother of invention. I guess that's why all the CUCVs that were released with shells on them had them. The men and women utilizing them saw an operational need. That's why I asked what your need was. Function preceeds form.
  19. Recovry4x4

    Yes or no camper top

    I like it. I've seen several different types of shells come out of GL over the years on CUCVs. Both the steel toppers I have are GL or DLA surplus. Do you plan to keep the S250 on the truck all the time? If not, these glass toppers are easy on and off and having an enclosed bed can be pretty...
  20. Recovry4x4

    Yes or no camper top

    What are your needs? I put steel work toppers on CUCVs and 101 trailers. Works great.
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