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    Where to find a dozer blade?

    In a previous post, Another member told me that you could buy a flat blade for pushing dirt. Does anyone have an idea where I can start looking for dozer blades for my FLU419
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    New with a couple questions,

    So....Derp, I finally realized that the switch for the high idle and tools are Pneumatic.... No air, no tools.
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    New with a couple questions,

    Yes, the front end loader works fine
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    New with a couple questions,

    So maybe basic operation? Do I need to engage the PTO for the tools to work? I will check the wires today. Now when I pull the power tool switch on, the engine revs up. I think I am not operating the pro correctly. I am not accustomed to PTO and power tools. I was a medic who they let drive...
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    New with a couple questions,

    I just bought my FLU 419 to work on some property I am buying. I was a medic in the army when these things were rolling around Fort Bragg. All the tools are there but the bits. Anyway, The -10 says to engage the PTO before I use the back hoe. But, when I do, the back hoe does not move. When I...
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    my flu419 will not move in any gear

    HI Speedbrakes, I just bought my 419 and wanted to see if you ever figured out your problem? I have driven mine about 3 miles total and when I started from a stop sign, I went through first gear and when I shifted, it would not pull in any gear. I had to go to lo/lo and it started?
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