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    Cat 7155 tranny

    Sounds like either a bad air manifold , or bad output clutch. but my money is on manifold.
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    MEP-806A Low voltage/ low frequency problem ??

    I understand. finding out I could modify the 400hz regulator to a 60 hz unit with some components swapped. was kinda hoping the same for the governor. I have 2 new 400 hz control boxes. so was hoping if needed to. I may be able to rob some of the goodies out of it where it applies.
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    MEP-806A Low voltage/ low frequency problem ??

    Ok I'll dig it out and check those references! I appreciate your help!!
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    MEP-806A Low voltage/ low frequency problem ??

    does anyone know if the 60hz and 400 hz Woodward speed controls the same or similar?
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    MEP-806A Low voltage/ low frequency problem ??

    board part numbers. 60 hz 1st then 400 hz. the diode part numbers are the same. so the 400 hz boxes they cant give away. the 60 hz boxes are 699.00 and up. a good way to save some money if you are half decent at soldiering.
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    MEP-806A Low voltage/ low frequency problem ??

    and the cover markings of the 60 hz and 400 hz.
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    MEP-806A Low voltage/ low frequency problem ??

    pictures of the transformers. 1st picture is 60 hz. 2and is 400 h
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    MEP-806A Low voltage/ low frequency problem ??

    sorry pi led the wrong pictures. let's try this again.
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    MEP-806A Low voltage/ low frequency problem ??

    ok found something very interesting today! the 400 hz regulator and the 60hz regulator use the same internal boards , and transformers. the big difference is resistor values and some capacitors and resistors added , and some not there. it appears to me you could take the 400 hz board and swap...
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    MEP-806A Low voltage/ low frequency problem ??

    Well I have finally ordered a replacement voltage regulator for this Gen. I'll post a update once I receive it and have it installed. question is this considered a weak link or high failure item on these generators? how about the blue box governors ?
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    1970 M813 Need Steering Gear Help

    I have a brand new 1 for $700.00 if your interested.
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    Hurricane Florence

    I believe if things still continue in the same direction, Hellen is following Florance as far as direction. Been lucky as Isabel has been the last bad 1 here
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    USMC diesel motorcycle sold on GovDeals. 2003 Kawasaki KL650-A17

    I remember a few years ago the company that made the engines was up for sale on Ebay. It caught my interest as I hadn't heard anything about them prior to seeing the company for sale on Ebay. Don't know if the company ever sold or not. Or what happened after that auction. They pushed the fact...
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    Armored M915 series cabs?

    Saw pictures along time ago of 2 or 3 .
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    M16 Halftrack joins the family

    I hauled a nice looking 1 for someone on here. From Va to Pa a number of years ago. They are a beast!!
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    off topic Kubota lowboy GL11000

    May find something simple like a fuse for the field flash. Or may need a manual field flash depending how they do it .
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    off topic Kubota lowboy GL11000

    I know nothing about those models. But it might very well need a good battery to flash the field.
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    MEP-806A Low voltage/ low frequency problem ??

    Unfortunately I believe I have a bad controller box. I still have the same problem. By the way it's a 806A . I'm saving up for a new control box
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    Davey/Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor

    Good information !! Thank you !!
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