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    What have you done to your FMTV or LMTV today

    On those silicone blades from piaa. I bought a set for my 2005 F-350 in 2006. They still work very well and are silent. No chattering. Yep that is 16 years so far. single best thing I have EVER done to a vehicle. Talk about bang for buck!:naner::clinto:
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    Keith's M1078A1 Project Overland

    What is it with ladders moving the step you are going for. They are just down right mean. What some guys have to do to get a little attention from the Mrs. 😱
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    M1088 camper conversion

    🍿😳:naner: Great job so far keep the posts and pics coming.:clinto:
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    LMTV as an RV in California

    I would think that a vehicle registered in CA as an RV would continue to be so registered until you decided to do otherwise. Which in this case you did. While it is true that CA can be a hurdle for older polluting vehicles there are still ways around if one is willing to do the leg work and be...
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    M1088 camper conversion

    Chris, You are doing a great job. It sounds like you have a little wiggle room with your camper design. Here is a thought I have about warming holding/water tanks. Many camper/RV builders talk about blowing warm air into the tank area to help with freezing. In my experience it works only when...
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    LMTV as an RV in California

    You could have it registered in Montana or Utah they take them.
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    Removing Cab

    My guess is between 1500 and 2000 pounds.
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    M1088 camper conversion

    On the M1083 it was my wifes company. Thermal Dynamics in Ontario Calif. No they won't sell to the public. I know because their sticker is on the side of my unit. It is a beast of a cooler. Major trans fluid lines. I am not sure about the upright dual fan unit on the M1088. But it is possible...
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    Well, I done did it. Won a m1078. Need to get it home... In Wahington - any suggesti

    Amber but a little of both would be fine too.
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    Well, I done did it. Won a m1078. Need to get it home... In Wahington - any suggesti

    I need 1 but if you are throwing them away I will take them all. Happy to reimburse the shipping.
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    More CTIS questions...

    So... not to derail this very interesting thread but... if the earlier units are toast due to jump starting the truck/ over voltage issues, would it not be possible to protect it with a fuse some how? Seems a no brainer to me. Also that Dana/Spicer sent them out vulnerable early on does not...
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    Well, I done did it. Won a m1078. Need to get it home... In Wahington - any suggesti

    Spankybear, since you replaced the running light with the LED type would you care to help me out with your old bulb type running lights? I need one that Govplant destroyed. Please let me know thanks.
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    Will these type of mirrors work?

    Fair enough. I have as of now not yet driven my M1083. Getting closer.
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    Will these type of mirrors work?

    Just a thought, have you tried cleaning the glass with a lime away type product? Often the haziness is hardwater buildup and stubborn dirt. Phosphoric acid will gently resolve this buildup and not scratch the glass. Be careful on painted surfaces and do not use an abrasive cleaning pad as this...
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    Water Pump Leak, small crack in rear of housing

    Might sound mickey mouse but you could consider JB weld, it is amazing and since this is a low stress and low heat area may work out well. My $.02.
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    Wheel Covers / Rim Protectors

    When you think about it all you really need is the valve body protected. The hoses and such are less likely to rub off. But that Schrader valve is a "what were they thinking?" aua kind of deal.
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    Cat 3116 LMTV - Synthetic Oil

    There is no doubt that letting these trucks sit for extended periods of time is not good. Even the brakes can lock up in place from too much sitting. IMO best to run them ( not idling in place) every other week for about 45 min. so as to keep everything loose and clean and lubed. Tires need to...
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    Cat 3116 LMTV - Synthetic Oil

    Ok I will jump in here. ( If you don't want to read my supportive thoughts, skip down to the last paragraph) ;) Synthetic oil is far better than dyno oil. It can work in colder and higher temps so the need for seasonal changes is no longer needed. Synthetic oil also has a higher additive...
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    Tiger Tool Alternative

    Yah I tried the hammer thing just to see if they were not in too tight. Very little movement. Yes I could have gotten a bigger one but I saw the impacts to involve more then the U joints. It was also involving the yoke and the bearings that support it in the differential. Bearings by design...
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