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  1. Floridianson

    FL 1997 M1088

    No CTIS but full floating rear hubs and all hubs serviced / shimmed. New air dryer. All drive shafts checked and or balanced. New governor oil feed line. New oil cooler gaskets. Cat long life antifreeze. Good Michelin 395's on new combat wheels plus two spare 395's on new combat and two new...
  2. Floridianson

    Green Cove Springs

    Anybody want to do a buy, sell, trade thingy thread?
  3. Floridianson

    Rear axle change.

    The truck is a parade queen and at this time I keep her clean on hard roads so I do not need the front axle engaged. I would love to do both front and rear axles with better ratios but for now I would like to do just the rear. I got hold of member Steve and asked if he would build me a rear but...
  4. Floridianson

    Just a thought about oil.

    When I got mine it had 15/40 Diesel oil. Now Rotella T has close to 1220 ppm if I remember. Also I feel this is not best for use in the M37 and myself to heavy of an oil. I went with the Amsoil Z Rod 10w30 and it says it has 1400 ppm and it is synthetic. Just my .02
  5. Floridianson

    Bad boots tie rod

    I need new boots anyone ordered from them and which ones did you order and were they the correct fit?
  6. Floridianson

    Governor oil feed line

    Just throwing it out there. I did replace my Cat hard line with the aftermarket hydraulic hose and no problems so far. Thread is just to show that the fitting that threads into the block is adjustable. Would seem if you are changing or checking your hard line the alinement of both ends come into...
  7. Floridianson

    FMTV wiring schematic

    Has anyone been able to construct the whole down load or seen a complete one page schematic. I was never good at gig saw puzzles and my ADHD is not helping. I down loaded and printed then tried to assemble. I can get the main trunk ground line run out but the rest I am having trouble fitting...
  8. Floridianson

    Front axle two vent lines 1088

    OK I did look through some TM's I swear. I have two vent lines connected to the passenger side mid axle housing. I removed both and put some air to both. One I can hear the one and it seems to be right above the front axle just hard to see where it ends but is up in the frame. The other there is...
  9. Floridianson

    Crane drain

    Well changed out engine oil and filter. Changed out Both fuel filters and good grease job. Been playing catch up on hydraulic lines that seem to let go one after the other in a cascade effect. Three so far but I doubt it will stop there.
  10. Floridianson

    Extruded fender rubber

    I am guessing that the after market rubber trim for the fenders is extruded. Now the new rubber that just came in has a set to it that is backwards. Does this set happen when it is extruded or when they coil it up? The reason I ask and also saw a post about it is the way the new rubber came is...
  11. Floridianson

    Free points and condenser

    Ok same deal tell me what these two pieces of trim came off of. I do not know but same as the Oldsmobile hood ornament plane bought them at the flea market same time. Did something stupid and ordered points and condenser for my truck. They came in and I took off distributor cap to find I have up...
  12. Floridianson

    Oil pan drain plug free.

    Ok there are two plugs one for the bellhousing and one for the oil pan. The shorter is for the bell housing / fording so as not to hit the starter ring with the threads. Now mine came with the shorter one installed in the oil pan and not one for the bell housing. Mine someone used a bad ratchet...
  13. Floridianson

    Brake bleed alone.

    Not lucky enough or maybe unlucky enough to have a mate here at the house. So off to the ACE hardware to get one gallon sprayer., Had the 5/16 hose here and had to buy the fitting. 1/8 NPT to 5/16 hose barb. I unscrew the adjustable tip on the sprayer. The 5/16 hose will fit over what threads...
  14. Floridianson

    If it helps: Power Wagon Parts Source
  15. Floridianson

    Wheel cylinders

    Changing out one of my wheel cylinders on the M37 and this came up. Now the wheel cylinder that looks new and has no machining on the face where the copper washer would go is a New China wheel cylinder. The older one with rust is from my M37 and the new one was to be for the M37 but the machine...
  16. Floridianson

    Thanks John at Midwest Military

    Had a little problem and John made it right. Tanks
  17. Floridianson

    Inner bearing race number

    I am getting ready to put the front axle back together with new brakes and slave cylinders. Have the hubs off so I would like to make a inner hub seal installing tool using the inner bearing race. If someone would be so kind as to the race number I will order one and make my tool. Tanks
  18. Floridianson

    Distributor oil port.

    I down loaded the TM's I could find and Erick and I did go through them but I am the problem child here. OK the distributor has a port at the bottom and a flat blade plug. I saw nothing in the TM's or lube order about how often to oil. I put a little motor oil in the port and closed it up...
  19. Floridianson

    Thanks C&C Eqpt.

    Thanks to the people up at C&C equipment. I ordered my new AVM hubs for the M37 on this Monday and they came in today Wednesday. Good price and no over charging on the shipping through USPS.
  20. Floridianson

    Thanks soupermike in La.

    Took time out from his day to get me a pic and measurement off the floor of what the clutch peddle floor board stop plate looks like on the M37. Mine was missing. My name is not Smith and I doubt I could shoe a horse but a little heat and a little bendy bendy and looks good enough to me. It...
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