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  1. goodwithwood35

    King Pin and Spindle Bushings

    In the process of replacing my torn axle boots, I decided to replace my spindle and king pin bushings. Being that the truck is 50+ years old, I had no idea how long they have been in there. Since I was there anyways, I chose to replace the bushings in the spindle along with the king pin...
  2. goodwithwood35

    HF54 power steering for my M35A2

    Over the past few years of owning my deuce, power steering was always on the top of my list of things I wanted to upgrade. Finally, after several months of research and looking over the options, I opted to go with the HF54 route pioneered by Gringeltaube. Another member, local to me, Seth-O...
  3. goodwithwood35

    Passenger car tires

    I just won 3 sets of passenger car tires. Wondering if anyone near Herlong, CA (near Reno) or anyone who won an auction last week has some extra room. I'm in Bakersfield and will be on the Oakland area in 2 weeks (Mar 31-April 1) for a conference. Thank you my brothers! Sent from my iPhone...
  4. goodwithwood35

    Winch question

    With the PTO in neutral, winch drum unlocked, winch clutch shifter in the OUT position, no cable on the drum, how hard should it be to rotate the winch driveshaft? I tried to rotate the driveshaft by hand with the above conditions and it won't budge unless I put a pry bar in the u joints and...
  5. goodwithwood35

    Trailer numbering

    Hello, I'm in the process of restoring an M105 trailer (Vietnam vintage) and have ordered stars and stickers and such for it, bodywork, some paint, etc. I was wondering what I should use for the bumper numbers. I want to stencil these on. Did a little research and found on another MV website...
  6. goodwithwood35

    Air shift install

    Ok, so I've found myself a good take-out air shift TC to upgrade a badly leaking sprag that needs a rebuild anyway. I also found a front drive air switch. I've read a few threads on the upgrade and the actual TC swap looks pretty straightforward. I've searched the TMs, Internet, and this site...
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