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    Electrical Starting Issue

    Gents, let me tell the tale to set the current scenario that presents itself to me right now. My deuce was bought and didn't run at the time. Well got everything buttoned up and went to start it for the 1st time, sparks shot out from the battery compartment but the engine did turn over. Closer...
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    Ft Riley, KS inspection

    Anyone near the Ft Riley area that can inspect a couple of things for me?
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    Three Rivers, MI to Pensacola,FL

    Well Gents, I've been stationed down here for 6 months now and its time I brought the 923 down here with me. My route is pretty basic, mostly following I-65 for most of the way from Indianapolis,IN to Louisville,KY to Nashville,TN down to Birmingham and Montgomery,AL, here is the route for...
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    M105A2 with some differences

    So i just picked up this fairly nice M105A2 from GL, a big reason for buying it was because the hitch was modified to sit a solid 1 foot lower and it shows, it pulled level with my truck and even has a 12V harness setup, no lights but the wires are at the back ready to be attached. The normal...
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    SF-97 Recieved So Fast!

    I just got my paper work in the mail for my M923. This has got to be the fastest processing time ever, I applied less than two weeks ago and this is my first SF-97, so the time must be good to get your stuff submitted now gents.
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    Hello From Michigan Gents

    Hello everyone, My parents decided to call me Travis. Im a 20 year old college student that hails from the south western part of the state by Kalamazoo. I go to school at North Carolina State University and was recently introduced to the whole MV hobby by flyusn99, let me say im already hooked...
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