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    Fuel gauge help

    My fuel gauge is suddenly reading way past full. I'm going to poke around and figure it out, but wanted to get input from the group to get a running start. If it is reading way past full, is that likely a ground problem, or something else? I can't remember if the senders read high resistance...
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    Loose door lock

    One of my door locks is loose, such that the pull knob can just fall down when the door is closed. It is also loose with the key. Basically, it's missing any sort of detent to keep it either locked or unlocked. Otherwise, it works fine. After poking around in there, I noted that the working...
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    CUCV with NP205 transfer cases

    I'm trying to learn about NP205 cases, mostly because I'd like to swap one into my Blazer, but also just for my knowledge. A guy on another forum mentioned that the CUCV 205's have the figure-8 input pattern, but also the 32 spline long input. It's my understanding that the 32 spline long...
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    Basic non-start diagnosis help...

    Hopefully this is a dumb/basic question. Went to start the M1008 today and all I got was rapid fire solenoid (I think) clicking. I normally associate this with dead batteries - the starter engages, then the voltage drops, the solenoid releases, repeat... So, I charged both batteries all day...
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    Temperature idiot light

    I took a long trip in the M1008 today and ran into a situation where the temp idiot light kept coming on. I could pull over, open the hood and wait five minutes and it would go away for a while. I was cruising about 55, but not doing any major hills or anything. I had a few axles in the bed...
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    Fuel filter electrical connections

    Can anyone help me identify the three connectors? I'm assuming one is heat, one is water in fuel... I'm not really seeing what I expected as far as a problematic connection with a potentially leaky o-ring. Where is that located? Thanks! By the way: No way to embed images?
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    Rear axle oil seal

    Just spotted this: (is there a way to embed images on this forum? img tags don't seem to work). Can someone tell me what I need to buy in terms of an oil seal before I tear into...
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    Rubber fuel pump hose

    Is the rubber hose to the mechanical lift pump a custom bent deal or is it okay to use standard fuel hose? It kind of looks custom to me, but I can't tell for sure. If it is custom, is there a source for replacement?
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    M1008 Trans fluid out filler tube

    I noticed just recently a lot of fluid coming out the filler tube. I'm really hoping the trans isn't shot because that'll be the end of this truck. Any ideas? My hope is that the breather is plugged somehow, but I'm not sure exactly where it is besides "on top". I'm going to go poke around...
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    Not getting notifications?

    I came to the site after being gone a long time and found several PMs and replied threads. I should be getting notified but I'm not. This site isn't blocked because there was no issue getting password updates and such. Is there some setting I need to adjust to make the alerts get sent?
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    m1008 brakes sprung a leak

    This is not really CUCV specific, more like basic maintenance, but... I sprung a leak at the driver's rear wheel cylinder at some point recently. I noticed it when the reservoir went empty. It appears to be leaking right at where the steel line goes into the wheel cylinder. Any thoughts on...
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    Electrical confusion

    Here's the story: I have a 86 CUCV with a civilian glow plug conversion. I went out to start the truck - I turned the key, saw the "wait" light, waited a little while and turned the key to start. At that point, some sort of click or pop or something (not loud) and no start. At that point...
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    AZ (Tucson) emissions

    Can anyone tell me about emission testing for an M1008 in Arizona? Is it required at all? If so, do they understand that it wasn't originally made the same as a similar civilian version? I'm considering a move to Tucson and am wondering what I'll be up against.
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    Grabby brakes on 1008

    Recently for the first few miles in the morning, my brakes are insanely grabby, likely nearly instantaneous lock in the rear. After a mile it starts getting better until it's back to normal. I haven't pulled the drum off yet to see if the pads have something on them, but I was wondering if...
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    Swollen glow plug removal

    I've searched a lot for ideas. I'm curious what input you guys have for getting out swollen glow plugs. I have just one that is stuck. It threads all the way but won't pull out. I haven't pulled real hard because I can't afford for the truck to be down right now. I found this tool...
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    What's up here: seems too cheap.
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    Wanted: T-case and trans braces for M1008

    Need the brace rods from T-case to trans and trans to motor. Can't find anything locally.
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    Electrical failure

    Suddenly today my CUCV has basically no lights: no headlights, no tail lights, no break lights, no little dome light thingy, and no horn. It starts and runs fine. The fuses all look good by eye, but I haven't checked them electrically yet. Any ideas where I should start looking?
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    Dumb bellhousing question

    I was changing my oil, and it looked to me like a few bolts may be missing around the bellhousing area. Maybe someone can confirm? The picture attachment may be hard to interpret, but it's the passenger side and I circled where there are open bolt holes. Is it a big deal? If so, anyone know...
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    Surplus hummers hitting the market?

    I heard on the news that the military is replacing the hummers in Iraq with something more highly armored. Is this right? If so, I wonder if we'll get a flood of surplus hummers hitting the market soon?
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