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    MEP- 803A All Weather Enclosure

    I like the hood design. Are you selling them?
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    MEP-802A cover

    Just got a quote back from Transhield for a cover for the 802. $276 for the cover and $65 to ship to Massachusetts. Totalling $341 for the cover. I think i will stick to my $25 stall mat that covers the top. and lets air flow thru the rest of the unit.
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    Currently Running on MEP Power

    The wind hasn’t stopped howling I’m waiting for the chimney cap to fly off. The lights only flickered once but my 802 is ready to go!
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    Mep 802 Leaking oil from oil drain

    I tightened up the hose clamp yesterday and today I didn’t notice anything where it was leaking. If the drain hose wraps like you describe is replacing it just fitting a new hose over the barbed ends then tighten the hose clamps?
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    Mep 802 Leaking oil from oil drain

    So I just set up a 30gal fuel cell on the back of my gen trailer. I drove to the fuel station to top it off and check the aux pump. When I got home before I started up the generator I noticed oil leaking from the drain hosejust a few drops that dropped into the floor of the generator. I’m not...
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    Frequency Fluctuating on MEP802

    I changed everything out this summer. New fluids and filters. Only 70hrs on the machine
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    Frequency Fluctuating on MEP802

    Thankyou. I will check it out on my next day off. Whenever that may be. Lol
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    Frequency Fluctuating on MEP802

    I have tried searching on here and on google. My electrician just installed a transfer switch on my home so now i am ready for a power outage with my MEP802. I have an electric oven to exercise the machine. When i hooked the machine up to my house to run everything it ran great and was able to...
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    MEP 802 or 803

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    MEP-803A - Opinions please - Wiring permanent 50amp outlet on the genny.....

    How did you mount the box to the unit? Did you use the screws on the unit? Or use self tappers or nuts and bolts with lock rite? I am thinking of doing the same with my 802.
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    Ultimate well nut repair

    Just ordered the brass fittings for the ultimate wellnut repair. I drained as much of the tank thru the drain. How is everyone cleaning out the inside of the tank when they have the well but out? Just wiping it down with a rag? Shop vac? Hiding it out with water and drying it? I also drained the...
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    adding GFCI receptacles to trailer mounted MEP802a.

    Thankyou all for the input
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    adding GFCI receptacles to trailer mounted MEP802a.

    ok thank you, so if its not connected to the house it should be grounded got it. The gen set came with the grounding rods but i think i am missing the clamp to hold the wire to the rod. and the rods are threaded on both ends so i think i need double female adaptors? also on the trailer i saw a...
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    adding GFCI receptacles to trailer mounted MEP802a.

    They are not inefficient but just wanted options of more outlets if i had to bring the unit to my parents or brother who don't have a house setup and they could use extension cords to power sump pumps, fridge and whatever else they wanted to run a cord to. or have multiple outlets if using at a...
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    adding GFCI receptacles to trailer mounted MEP802a.

    Hello everyone, Newbie MEP owner here but have been researching on SS for a few weeks. Has anyone tried mounting these on their trailer mounted MEP gen set? I have one mounted on my...
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