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    2019 Georgia Military Vehicle Rally buy-sell-trade

    In for a cargo cover and a bow kit! How big of a box is the bow kit in? Only asking since all I got is truck space in a car.
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    TMG weekend adventure 4/28 - 4/31/2016

    Just a heads up for everyone, I just spent a few days working out of El centro/Western shore of Salton Sea and the winds were reaching upwards of 40 knots, blowing a lot of sand. It would be a good idea to bring some kind of eye protection from all the blowing dust and something cover your...
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    West Michigan roll call

    Even though the Navy has brought me to the west coast, my 923 still resides in the Three Rivers area with the folks.
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    California members

    Recently moved to San Diego from Pensacola, FL couple of months ago. M35A2 waiting to get moved here.
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    NAS Corpus Christi - FLOODING, 12 May 2015

    So I can shed some light on this as I just became a Naval Aviator that flew the T-6B less than a year ago (NAS Milton, not Corpus but regardless and the older looking planes are T-34C being completely phased out by the T-6B). There are landing/taxi lights underneath the inboard side of the...
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    Tmg off road adventure weekend 4/ 24 /15

    Looks like work is going to keep me a bit longer then expected, should be rolling in around 6-7 Friday night. Is there a number I can have to contact in case I get randomly lost trying to trek my way there?
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    Tmg off road adventure weekend 4/ 24 /15

    Just moved to the San Diego area recently, looks like a good time so count me in. No MV as I have yet to move my deuce here yet, so just the civy truck for me. Depending on work, it will be later afternoon/night Friday before I would arrive.
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    Electrical Starting Issue

    Yup that was the 1st thing I had checked in accordance with the Troubleshooting TM. Going to pull the starter and have it checked out by a local shop here cause that's the last link in the chain.
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    Electrical Starting Issue

    It did help sort of, just matched up the wires to their respective numbers and how the connector from the start plugged into the other receiver. And I finally understood how to bypass the switch, which I tried to no avail and pulling the starter tomorrow to get it checked out. Now the only new...
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    Electrical Starting Issue

    Just a quick question, on the back of the switch, which slots do wire 127 and 174 go to? The wiring diagram shows 74 and 74A going to B & D, and that's throwing me for a loop right now.
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    Electrical Starting Issue

    118, 119, 127, 174 are the wire numbers.
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    Electrical Starting Issue

    I have read through that thread, how do i specifically test that the twist switch is bad (as in where to put the connectors from the multimeter and what voltage/amps/resistance should I see)? The whole bypassing the switch is still a bit confusing aswell, if someone can point me as to which...
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    Electrical Starting Issue

    I didnt mention but this is an '88 truck, so the 4 pin style in the rear of the switch. I would use the 2 prongs that protrude to jump-start the truck correct? Also, after i disconnected the starter switch, the rear of it came off and I've attached them what looks like some sort of overload...
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    Electrical Starting Issue

    Im not familiar with jumping the switch, could you please explain? And the relay is new. Viejo, the terminals on the battery are still good and clean, get the low air buzzer and good volts to the starter relay.
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    Electrical Starting Issue

    Gents, let me tell the tale to set the current scenario that presents itself to me right now. My deuce was bought and didn't run at the time. Well got everything buttoned up and went to start it for the 1st time, sparks shot out from the battery compartment but the engine did turn over. Closer...
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    Shout from new member in Destin Fl

    Welcome to the site from just over in Pensacola!
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    Hattiesburg meet and greet

    I'll be there Jeff! Let me know if you need me to bring something aswell. Hope all is well on your end and see you soon.
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    Late Model USAF M35A2C Registry

    The last truck that I've bolded is mine, you are correct on the bumper number with the very faded 3 and Serial Number: 1040-11229 (from left front frame rail). She is a bit of a project with odds and ends things missing, not sure what the AF had planned for it. Had a bunch of mud dauber nests in...
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