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  1. jrou111

    More pics and fun with square tube

    I've been taking my M1009 out geocaching recently with some friends. It's a lot of stop-n-get out driving so I take the top off so folks can hop off the back. To make things easier for them, I welded up some square tubing to make a step that mounts to the rear shackle lift mount. It'll also come...
  2. jrou111

    Ft. Riley, KS to AL

    Hey guys I "accidentally" won a LDS in the can from GL last week and I need to get it home or to Wreckerman's place. Can anybody near there in Kansas please pick it up for me and bring it this way, or at least get it off base so I can pick it up later? Thanks!
  3. jrou111

    Got my 395's mounted (finally!)

    Thought I'd share some pics. :cool: I also had a question. I just brought the truck home from the tire place, approx. 12 miles. Anytime I would go above 45mph the front end would start swaying and it'd get hard to steer. I'll look into tire pressures when I get home from work, what should they...
  4. jrou111

    Quick and Easy Winch Mount

    I've had a Harbor Freight 8000lb winch in my shop for about 4 years now. I only paid $60 for it since it was missing the solenoid pack and had a bent crossbar. A quick push from a hydraulic shop press straightened the crossbar out enough to mount back. I finally got around to mounting it on a...
  5. jrou111

    Finally back together!

    Last spring I posted about how I messed up one of my deuces real bad while sliding down a muddy rut while off road. Well I finally got it put back together. I also mounted my arsenal refurbished winch since the old one had a broken engagement level (which is what cause my problems to begin with)...
  6. jrou111

    Tis the season

    I haven't posted on SS for a while now, because I've been busy enjoying my M1009. :cool: But I wanted to show you the Christmas wreath I made to go on the front of my CUCV. Instead of buying a cheap fake one, I made (wrapped) one out of 25ft of pine garland. Then I wrapped a set of lights...
  7. jrou111

    I towed a big boat with my m1009, that's the most you've towed?

    I towed a big boat with my m1009, what's the most you've towed? I took my M1009 CUCV to go pickup a boat I had purchased last week 250 miles away in Mobile, AL. Using the 2" ball/pintle hitch, I connected everything and headed back to Birmingham. The truck towed the ~5000+ lb load just fine...
  8. jrou111

    Help needed at Redstone

    I've got 4 M105 trailers that I need off the base soon. If someone nearby could help me with this, maybe one of the Huntsville members, I'd really appreciate it. I can pay for your fuel and time.
  9. jrou111

    Drove a deuce to work today.

    It was a pretty day out, and my immediate supervisor had been bugging me to bring a truck to work, so I drove one of the better looking trucks to work this morning. Traffic wasn't too bad, got to work while all the managers were in a meeting, I didn't know how the director would take it...
  10. jrou111

    Some pics of my M1009

    Just got done mounting the pintle/ball combo I bought from Harbor Freight for $39.99. Notice the grade 8 hardware. :cool: Figured while I was taking pics for the tree winching post I'd take some of the M1009. :razz: My truck came from IL guard 33rd battalion military police, but what does...
  11. jrou111

    Some things I've learned from my first time winching

    1. Even if you read and memorize the TM, you still have a high chance that you'll get hurt. 2. Steel cable is heavy and very greasy. The grease is there to hide the metal slivers. 3. If pulling a tree over, make sure to measure the height of the tree and that the cable is LONGER than that...
  12. jrou111

    Frustrated - trying to get a CUCV key

    I have called 8 Chevrolet dealers and 1 locksmith in the Birmingham area and they won't make a CUCV key even when I tell them the code. There was one who would make one for $25 but wouldn't guarentee that it was the right one. :roll: I'm picking my m1009 on Monday 4/27 from Redstone and need...
  13. jrou111

    Tools for bobbing a deuce

    So I'm thinking about bobbing one of my deuces, and I've got the steps down to: 1. Jack up rear, support with blocks. 2. Remove rear axles, cut out rivets, chop up frame. 3. Bolt in M105 springs/mounts onto frame using grade 8 hardware. 4. Bolt on axle to springs, attach driveshaft/brake...
  14. jrou111

    Milling machine pickup from Albany, GA

    I went and bid on a milling machine from GL, and actually won. The only problem is that I can't get down there during the weekday to pick it up. Can anyone get it off base for me? It's 2000lbs. 0001 - Uncategorized at Government Liquidation
  15. jrou111

    I'm 2 for 2 now on breaking deuces :(

    I had a friend come in from out of town who wanted to take his jeep out. I took my other deuce out just in case he got stuck. :-D Unfortunately while offroading the dogbone came undone (the rubber bushing came out of the hole) and the front tandem axle shifted sideways a few inches. :shock...
  16. jrou111

    Is this a M123?

    So my wife and I went down to a friend's wedding down in Gautier, MS on the water near the Pascagoula River. When we were walking up to the house I noticed that next door there was a historic home being moved. Next to the house there was a big MV deuce looking thing. I was wondering if it was a...
  17. jrou111

    Guys I really made a boo-boo -warning carnage!

    It has NOT been a good day! :evil: I went to go fishing this morning, but on the way to the lake I got stuck, slid down a hill and got a tree wedged between the bumper and the fender. I broke the drag link and bent the knuckle boot cover! :cry: Trashed the driver's fender, tool box, mirror...
  18. jrou111

    Winch engagement lever needed

    Apparently the previous operator of my M35 w/w was asleep at the wheel, cause it looks like the winch pulled the cable through it. The top and bottom plates are bent, the radiator is slightly bent, and the winch engagement lever is MIA. I'm thinking that it's still in good enough shape to use...
  19. jrou111

    March 13th Redstone Recovery

    I'm gonna attempt to recover 2 Deuces on Friday the 13th :shock: from Redstone. Fortunately I only have to take them a short distance - 20 miles to a friend's house, and then 100 miles to Birmingham once 'soldier A' and 'soldier B' get off work. :razz: Does anybody want me to take a look at...
  20. jrou111

    New member, 2 new deuces and green fever

    Well I was interested in getting a surplus MV because they are so versatile and cool looking. But after hearing a whistler deuce in person on Tuesday when I tagged along with Wreckerman (I'd like to think I helped but I think I just got in the way :-D) on a recovery, that was all she wrote! I...
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