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  1. Whiterabbit

    Denton 2018 Buy-Sell

    I have 1 NOS piece of windshield glass for the M151 and 151A1. This is for the split windshield. $50
  2. Whiterabbit

    Anyone know these unknown headlights??

    A guy online has them for sale and I was hoping they had standard M style bulbs in them because the price is pretty nice. I can't get a coherent response from him on the bulbs. (need to buy some for my M151A2)
  3. Whiterabbit

    Anyone know these unknown headlights??

    Hey all, Anyone know if these are standard 24V bulbs in these housings?? 7" with standard M connectors on the bulbs??
  4. Whiterabbit

    Denton NC Spring Rally 25-29 April 2018

    Any firm prices for camping? I haven't been there, is there local food n fuel? I might have to come down off the mountain for this!
  5. Whiterabbit

    Looking for your ExMOD's history??

    Here ya' go!
  6. Whiterabbit

    Electrical wiring service manual

    I found my 1972's A2 wiring under the hood. rofl
  7. Whiterabbit

    Aluminum repair materials, sourcing and availability help wanted.

    If you try to tig it you might want to run helium as a shielding gas, it'll help it run "hotter". You would probably need a water cooled torch too! That puppy is gonn'a get hot. Just say'n from personal experience from welding aluminum hulls on big boats and sponsons on M113's
  8. Whiterabbit

    Installed the Swiss Electronic Ignition today....

    I sooooo need to do this, I'm running the old original Prestolite electronics and I always worry about that darn thing. It did make a 8hr road trip though!
  9. Whiterabbit

    Laser rust remover

    Would you trust your life with a 1K laser from Harbor Freight?? (aka Hazard Fraught) I don't even trust their screw drivers!!! :doh:
  10. Whiterabbit

    Ural motorcycles

    Hey! Don't be hating the Dnepr! They just need a few bugs worked out to become semi reliable machines! My MT16 after total rebuild of entire bike. Slow as ****, but fun as **** too!
  11. Whiterabbit

    Official '15 Ga. Rally Multimedia thread

    One of the perks of taking the scenic route. You get to see America's past.
  12. Whiterabbit

    Official '15 Ga. Rally Info thread

    Got to grab ice in the morning then I'm rolling. I should be there tomorrow afternoon! [thumbzup] (if nothing falls off or blows up!)
  13. Whiterabbit

    Official '15 Ga. Rally Info thread

    Been holding out on fueling up. Gas station just lowered the price today! $1.93 a gallon!! Time to fill both tanks and the jerry can! 45 gallons of the cheap stuff please!! :-D
  14. Whiterabbit

    Official '15 Ga. Rally Info thread

    Ya' know that straight away in front of the rally? Unchain the M37, get up to 200mph and deploy a drag chute. It'll suck it right on out! Easy! :-D
  15. Whiterabbit

    Official 2015 Ga. Rally buy/sell/trade thread

    Bring it with ya'! I'm always looking for those lil' lanterns and old camping gear. (wife says I have too many lanterns already! Ha! They're easy to slip in, they all look alike!) Thanks!
  16. Whiterabbit

    Official 2015 Ga. Rally buy/sell/trade thread

    A few things to sell or trade= Looking for M151 heater kit, Molle II rucksack waist belt, woodland & red Coleman 200 lantern. Selling= Wenzel pressurized kerosene lantern. Used once yrs ago. Crazy bright! $100 Chain binders, set of 4. $25 for the set! Juanpardo Dispatch log books, unused. $3...
  17. Whiterabbit

    Official '15 Ga. Rally Info thread

    Ya' got two big thumbs up for the effort!
  18. Whiterabbit

    Official '15 Ga. Rally Info thread

    Think it was a night trail run last yr., the wife and I sat on the hood and watched the spectacle. :cookoo:
  19. Whiterabbit

    Official '15 Ga. Rally Info thread

    There's a swamp they tried talking some guys into crossing last yr. Ga. swamp mud is DEEEP!
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