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  1. Whiterabbit

    Anyone know these unknown headlights??

    Hey all, Anyone know if these are standard 24V bulbs in these housings?? 7" with standard M connectors on the bulbs??
  2. Whiterabbit

    Looking for your ExMOD's history??

    Here ya' go!
  3. Whiterabbit

    Ural Motorcycle ad

    Military Ural ad. (thanks for the move:-D)
  4. Whiterabbit

    Paint colors for military vehicles question.

    Hey all, I'm in the throws of finally building my Dnepr MT16 and now I'm thinking of colors. I was going to shoot it in black or dark red but it might be cool to do it in military color. I was looking and can't find any kind of reference to colors. I was leaning towards 24052 Marine Corps green...
  5. Whiterabbit

    RAL paint codes for ya'

    For those who don't know RAL paint codes are whats used in Europe. Came across this nice color example. [thumbzup]
  6. Whiterabbit

    Long live the Landie

    For all those with MOD Rovers. It's a Land Rover thing, even I don't understand!
  7. Whiterabbit

    Any Cdn. M101 trailer owners out there?

    Show off you Canadian M101! I'd love to find one but it's hard enough finding an M416 much less one of them!
  8. Whiterabbit

    Speaker not speaking in AM-2060

    I'm guessing my amp is belly up. The radio is working fine (PRC77) and the ant. control is working but no sound from the speaker. Pulled the speaker and with static on the handset I measured .6V at the speaker terminals and total silence. Can I get the amp replaced and if so, where?? :-? or...
  9. Whiterabbit

    Adjusting voltage question

    Ok, These are the plugs covering the adjusting screws? Everything I read says the adj screw is on the end of the alt. The problem is I have 2 plugs!! Which one is it? The one near the connections cover or the one on the end of the alt? Thanks!
  10. Whiterabbit

    2008 Fed Std Colors 595C

  11. Whiterabbit

    DC Theory & AC Theory

    Knowledge is power! [thumbzup]
  12. Whiterabbit

    TM9-3405-210-14 & P DoAll Bandsaw operations

    DoAll Bandsaw and sawing operations. Notice a theme??8-)
  13. Whiterabbit

    TC9-237 Welding theory (welder's bible)

    Do your welds sux or want to learn to weld? Read this! [thumbzup]
  14. Whiterabbit

    TC9-524 Fundamentals of machine tool (machinist bible)

    Everything you would ever want to know about machinist stuff!
  15. Whiterabbit

    m725 engine

    The ambulance has the same engine as the M715?? Just saw one with a diesel. :cookoo:
  16. Whiterabbit

    odd overheat.

    Been tracking down an overheat issue. New water pump, old one's seals failed. New thermostat. Flushed and cleaned the cooling system a dozen times. Last issue I thought might be causing the high rpm overheat was slightly loose belts. Nope. Head torque good. Head gasket good. What's this----...
  17. Whiterabbit

    small 24v solargizer on a 12v vehicle?

    Doable? Found one in the garage and wondered if I could wire it up on a 12Volt truck. Thanks! Crap! Found a box full of the big 1'x2' ones! Guess I'll be asking some solar panel questions this year!
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