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    Aftermarket wheels

    Hello all - it has been a while since I was here now that my truck is getting close to being ready to run I am revisiting the tires/wheels situation. Does anyone know of a modern steel rim that will fit the CCKW/CCW? We are using this for promotional use for our business so I am not...
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    Well shoot! 6-Bolt vs 4-Bolt Crank/Flywheel

    Looks like my lack of research is going to bite me. I bought a used running GMC to 70 engine to swap in my CCW. However the new engine has six bolt crank connection, and obviously my CCW original motor has a four bolt connection. Is there adapter that can be used? Am I host? Help! Sent from my...
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    Part numbers

    Looking for part numbers for the following: - 270 pilot bearing - CCW throwout bearing - CCW damper plate - CCW clutch pack - exhaust manifold and intake gaskets Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Removing bell housing from block

    Looks like I need to remove the clutch plates to access the interior bell housing bolts from the block. Motor is seized any ideas how to access these bolts? I can’t spin the flywheel to access the other bolts on the clutch plates. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hey guys! Ok well I found what I expected to be a CCKW and it is actually a CCW. I can see some yellow paint underneath but the cab interior and engine are green. I can’t tell if the thing was used for military reasons or not at this point. With this being said I have a donor motor to put in it...
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