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  1. insanejecke

    how to rebuild a m809 series hydrovac

    OK I know there a step by step on here somewhere but I cant fine it I did the search like 5 times and still comes up with out the answer I need. So can someone point me in the right place? I tried to rebuild my Hydrovac. And I'm have a funny feeling I did something wrong so. I would like to...
  2. insanejecke

    R.I.P.--INSANEJECKE--Josh Duncan

    *** Tragic Update in Post #17 *** Ok a very few of you guys know I been going thro some hard time lately. But am just giving everyone here a head ups. I don't want you sorrow or anything just wanting you guys to know. So for the many people here that don't know Year 2013 has been out right the...
  3. insanejecke

    M816 gun ring?? ?

    OK as seen in the pic below did the m816 have a gun ring made just for them or is it how it was installed? I search and came up with nothing on the m816 gun ring? And what is the price range if its is a only 816 ring?:?: And what are throes brackets on top of the marker lights are they factory...
  4. insanejecke

    transport needed

    OK in the next week or so I will need a pallet shipped from MA. (02132) To SC (29163) The pallet is 4x4x3 Call me at 803-968-0016 Thanks insane
  5. insanejecke

    M816 New tread plate fenders.

    OK this will be my fender build thread. OK so when I got my m816 there's a few body parts really needing some love and care. Like my fenders they were in really sorry condition so. I decided to rebuild them one because I'm broke and two I have sources to metal like tread plate and etc.. Sorry...
  6. insanejecke

    M816 Boom Jack value?

    OK I have looked and looked but can not seam to fine this out. The big long Boom Jack for the M816, what would a good value be on a set? Thanks insane
  7. insanejecke

    K&N Air-filter mod for 800 series 5 Ton how to.

    OK a few weeks ago i asked about cross reference numbers for the 800 series 5 Ton air filter and after seeing the results i took it upon myself to fine out what it would take to make a K&N filter work. After calling K&N numbers of time and talking to mangers to a engineer i ended up buying this...
  8. insanejecke

    5 TON air filter cross references number?

    OK today i took apart my air filter housing on my M816 well the air filter is black ... So i want a new one better then stock. So does anyone have a cross references number for it. Or the number for a K&N replacement? I have looked in the TM and the numbers there don't help.And i did a search...
  9. insanejecke

    Water Scrubber?

    OK well today i got a sweet phone call there's a dude going to give me 2 free totes that are almost full of Oil 1 is WMO and other soy bean oil bad thing he said there's water max with them ( left the cap off after 3 week of rain i'm sure its alot). like my luck cant have cake and eat it as...
  10. insanejecke

    Fianly Got my M816!!!!

    OK today I got my m816 well i have a few payments left but shes mine and i'm super happy about it wifey not so much but she will me OK.:beer: I have a few thing that need to be fixed but not much. Hopefuly soon she will be on the road. i will soon make a build thread.:tank: Ops...
  11. insanejecke

    M816 hot rodding ?

    OK hopefully soon ill will own a m816. So my question is what are some things i can do to give it more power. What i want is first off what can i do to the motor to make it more like a multi fuel. like were i can run a little more wmo mix with my diesel. i have been told that a 25% wmo and 75%...
  12. insanejecke

    New Navy trailer!

    Well today at work i finished up a new Navy flat bed trailer. I notices it when i was putting on the Vin plate( its Brass) normally there silver but the only time i ever put on a gold 1 its normally military. And this time its a Navy 1 We have built army and air force before but now i'm on SS so...
  13. insanejecke

    What is this Tank called

    OK wile i was at my grampas today i remember this old tank in his town so i went looking for it at the time i remembered as a kid climbing on it and stuff and i through it was a sherman tank well i was wrong. and i do not know what it is.:confused: And i thought these tank had there engine...
  14. insanejecke

    Military Salvage yards near Sumter SC

    Does any 1 know of any military salvage years near the Sumter SC area. It doesn't haft to be all military just have a few trucks i can look at. P.S. barnetts scrap year in Sumter ( i think 1 of the biggest in the state) thinks there stuff is gold so ye and I dont know of any other Looking...
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