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  1. russojap

    Oil cooler fun on M1009

    Thanks for the part numbers! I'm going to replace these lines before I put my 1009 back on the road. I was reading somewhere that several people have blown their engine caused by a blowout of the cooler lines. Apparently it pumps the oil out so fast there is no warning.
  2. russojap

    Cracked frame by steering box

    Fantastic, thank you!
  3. russojap

    The Soldier B HubHelper for 2.5 ton trucks

    I would buy the Daytona jack if you guys could resolve the issue with using it with the hub puller bracket, and post photos explaining how to make it work.
  4. russojap

    Cracked frame by steering box

    I'm glad this interesting subject came up.Is this type of damage preventable just by checking the tightness of the bolts? Is there some way to permanently tighten the bolts? Is there some kind of additional reinforcement that can be added before damage occurs? This is the first I've heard of...
  5. russojap

    Got another deuce! (Dropside!)

    Nice looking truck and interesting placement of the delineators.
  6. russojap

    The Soldier B HubHelper for 2.5 ton trucks

    Ok thanks, I don't have that jack. I can use any jack that is known to work, preferably a cheaper jack than that one. I just thought that one (Daytona )would be a good choice because it has wider wheels and would be more stable.
  7. russojap

    The Soldier B HubHelper for 2.5 ton trucks

    Ok, thanks. That makes me feel a lot better about being able to get a jack that will work. :)
  8. russojap

    The Soldier B HubHelper for 2.5 ton trucks

    Ok thanks, My concern is finding a jack that will work. Does anybody already have the bracket or know what specific jack(s) will work ?
  9. russojap

    The Soldier B HubHelper for 2.5 ton trucks

    To be clear, let me make sure I understand the jack requirement. Will this HF Daytona work? Does another hole need to be added to the plate?
  10. russojap

    Engine Turns - Will not Start. Smoke from Instrument Panel

    Could you elaborate on how to do the battery disconnect? I could smell something hot or burning inside the truck when I was just checking all the lights. They hadn't been turned on in a few years so maybe it was some dust or something in the instrument panel?
  11. russojap

    The Soldier B HubHelper for 2.5 ton trucks

    Fantastic idea! Will be orderering one soon, I was supposed to get my truck ready for the road again but just couldn't face removing and installing those hubs. Doing just one nearly broke my back a few years ago.
  12. russojap

    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately - Part 2

    That's pretty nice, why didn't the CUCVs have a light? What did you wire it into? Is there any way to add interior floor lighting when the doors are opened? Maybe red would look more military , I hate getting into a dark vehicle, makes you feel like the battery is dead. I really like to keep...
  13. russojap

    Deuce M35A3 questions

    Just out of curiosity, would you mind telling me how much he wants for it? I'm kicking around the idea of one but don't know what they go for. Sorry I mean the truck.
  14. russojap

    Allison AT1545 failures

    How much would the A3 transmission cost to rebuild? Also, I can't speak for the truck transmission, but my 1999 Camry had 199k on it when I got it. The tranny fluid was dark and sparkling with metallic looking particles. I didn't dare chang it and never have, it now has almost 319k miles. You...
  15. russojap

    Ongoing Log Of My 1987 HMMWV

    I used to do alignments at a collision center, and can only imagine what a pain that thing must be to be to align. Was it hard to find someone to do it? Where do you even take it? How much will it cost? The left control arm looks like it may be bent.:shrugs: Did you check the Carfax report...
  16. russojap

    Ongoing Log Of My 1987 HMMWV

    Comrades, just because it has Cadillac parts doesn't mean that it's going ride as quiet as a Cadillac. :roll:
  17. russojap

    Buying a humvee off of gov planet

    I'm really curious about who recommended he get a military vehicle to begin with and why. I think he originally was considering a deuce, but the steering was going to be an issue. He probably should have considered an M35A3 for crash worthiness and easier steering. Although it's probably the...
  18. russojap

    Help with rear hydraulic winch

    Why would a Cadillac have a winch? That was actually supposed to be a joke, but I'm not sure it was received that way. :roll: I've never even heard of a Cadillac valve or know what it does. I tried looking it up, but it only brought up valve covers. :-? Is there a part on a HMMWV that will fit...
  19. russojap

    Help with rear hydraulic winch

    I don't have one, but I'm certain that you should not have ANY parts for a Cadillac on your HMMWV. :doh:
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