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  1. uscgmatt

    MEP-804B paralleling issues.

    Good evening everyone, We picked up an MJQ-48B power plant for work through GSA excess. They have a build date of 12/2010, but they are both like new. Everything works great except for the paralleling. I've followed the -10 manual and all I get on the synchronizing lights is a steady dim...
  2. uscgmatt

    S-280 shelter floor replacement.

    If anyone was curious what the floor looks like without the sheetmetal here you go. Haha. There were so many holes and oxidation rot in the aluminum it needed to go. New aluminum was going to be to expensive, and I didnt want to scrap it as it's my radio shack. I decided to go with plywood and...
  3. uscgmatt

    2000 DHS Systems Drash trailer generator question.

    Good afternoon everyone. I'm back into the green addiction after a couple years of saving money. Haha. I just picked up a Drash trailer from Chambersburg and it's missing the DC volt meter and the oil pressure gauge. I'm not too worried about the volt meter, but the oil gauge has alot of wires...
  4. uscgmatt

    Homemade ECU trailer.

    Well I've finally have everything mounted and tested on my pseudo ECU trailer. I fired it up today and ran it on shore power and the genset and it worked great. I started with a m116 trailer, a mep-002a, and a packaged heat pump. The heat pump is mounted to a mep-018a skid for rigidity on the...
  5. uscgmatt

    Picked up my new s-280b/g shelter.

    The 400 mile round trip to Ft. Dix to pick up the shelter was uneventful, luckily. The gate guards had a good laugh both ways through the gate. Now time to start making my ham shack. Too bad there are 4 nice hmmwv's there awaiting their demise. It would be nice to get one but...Oh well.
  6. uscgmatt

    M200a1+Mep-002a+40ft crank up tower.

    My project today consisted of turning 3 trailers into 1. I have an m762 with light tower, an m116 with a mep-002a, and an empty m200a1. I decided to use the m200 for the trailer to which to mount the gear on. I'm figuring the weight of the trailer and genset plus the rear feet should negate the...
  7. uscgmatt

    mep-018a magneto.

    Well I finally decided to get the second 018 up and running or scrap it. The small composite gear inside the magneto is missing teeth. Does anybody know of a rebuild kit for these, I'm not having much luck on line. Its not worth buying a new mag as I don't know the condition of the rest of the...
  8. uscgmatt

    Military mast identification. Does anybody know what this mast was used for? I picked 1 up locally with a bg-102-a bag with guy rings and tensioning guy wires. I cant find any info on it except the Fair radio site. Thanks.
  9. uscgmatt

    AN/GRC-106 in M1009.

    I may have breathed in too much carc dust but I swear I remember seeing a pic of one. It was mounted on the driver side behind the rear seat which was stowed upright. I've looked everywhere and cant find anything. If anybody has pictures of this or if I am wrong please let me know thanks.
  10. uscgmatt

    Prestolite alternator install.

    Here goes. After burning up two stock alternators I decided to try something different. I purchased a Prestolite 8sa3064p from ebay. This unit is very similar to the ones we use in the 41' UTB's, and they never have problems. So I thought what the h*ll. I used the existing bracket by welding...
  11. uscgmatt

    Heater, engine and shelter, ground type H-1

    Well I brought the heater trailer out of summer hibernation today. And like usual it has a problem.:mad: There is a check valve or metering valve that is cracked(pics attached). It runs good it's just leaking. I cant find a manual on this particular model. Does any body have a lead on one...
  12. uscgmatt

    GRC-106 dog bone connector.

    Does any body know if the wiring in the CX-10099/U is all straight through (a-a, b-b, etc.)? I took my dog bone assembly apart and there is no wires inside:roll:. That explains why the setup is not working. I looked through the manuals and only found 5 pin connections, and there are 19 total...
  13. uscgmatt

    different m103a3 landing leg

    I have never seen one like this before. Its on the m103a3 from 1966. Is it just a modified single wheel leg?
  14. uscgmatt

    Building a floodlight/antenna trailer.

    Since the 50 current non finished projects I have going, and the few degree cooler than H*ll temperatures were having. I decided to start a new one. Take the 40ft crank-up tower from the m762 light trailer, a m103a3, a 10kw generac, and other stuff I haven't decided where to put yet. I'm hoping...
  15. uscgmatt

    S250 shelter wiremold source

    Does anybody have a part number for the metal wiremold electrical raceway in the s250 shelters. I cant find it on line, and my pieces have no numbers on them. Thanks.
  16. uscgmatt

    Injector pump oil line failure.

    What a mess.:-( The oil line from the block to the pump has a split in it. Luckily it went about a 1/4 mile from my house. Still have about 1/2 an inch of oil on the dipstick. Now there is a nice trail of oil through town to my house. I had the IP off bout 3 mos ago, and they looked fine, and I...
  17. uscgmatt

    New timing chain deflection.

    Quick question. How much deflection should a new timing chain have? It also has new sprockets. Mine has 1/16 max and thats really pushing on it. Is this normal? Thanks
  18. uscgmatt

    Engine to injector pump o-ring.

    I think its time to buy a huge o-ring assortment. But until then, i'm trying to find the o-ring, number 30 in the pic. I removed my ip due to the gasket between the plate (31) and the engine was leaking. When the ip was out the o-ring was flatter than h*ll. I got the o-ring numbers for the HH...
  19. uscgmatt

    Mep-114A, or MEP-815A Price

    Is it me or is this price normal? It seems really expensive for a 400hz set. 6115 - Generator and Generator Sets, Electrical at Government Liquidation
  20. uscgmatt

    MEP-002 IP shims.

    Does anybody happen to have a pic of what the shims that go between the IP and block look like? My Genset had the IP right up to the block. I've read how to determine the timing via measurements, but I dont know what the shape of the shims are. Thanks for the help.
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