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  1. orren

    M35A3 check valve alternative question

    Question. Exactly where is this check valve located? Having starting issues on my M36A2 multifuel engine and am thinking of adding such a valve.
  2. orren

    Died w/decreasing idle

    If all else fails check the high pressure pump located in the IP. The seal slowly wears out and leaks more and more over time. Consult the TM's.
  3. orren

    Canadian MLVW wheels

    Please send a picture if possible. Looking of a couple of Canadian rims. Do you know if the NDT 9:00 x 20 with tube will work with these rims. Thanks Orren
  4. orren

    Jeepsinker's M35A2 6BT Cummins swap ( pics and videos)

    The 6BT is a great engine. Had one in a Dodge Pick-up but is too fussy about fuel quality. Been thinking about a 6 cyclinder CAT of some sort. What do you suggest? Thanks
  5. orren

    M35 Cargo Cover Question

    Right now I am using acorn nuts for a quick fix but eventually intend to go to a 'T' nut (the kind without prongs). Might have to oversize the holes in the metal but should completely eliminate any chance of rubbing after grinding off bolt's excess thread. Good luck.
  6. orren

    Custom wheels - Problem, questions, help.

    Those look nice but I need them in 20" for the NDT's and they must work with tubes .
  7. orren

    Custom wheels - Problem, questions, help.

    Good idea! I, too, am looking for a couple of affordable solid wheels for my 9:00 x 20's to use on the front end of my deuce. It's getting harder to find shops that will patch the lock ring wheels so we need spares at least for the front until we find someone when on the road who will change...
  8. orren

    Custom wheels - Problem, questions, help.

    The tire you show looks interesting. What is the tread width? How well do you think they will wear compared to the 9:00 x 20 NDC's? Thanks
  9. orren

    Cutting down water heater box for in cab mount

    Great idea. Recirculating the cab air should help a lot. I just insulated the insides of the box which helps some and is easy. I may try insulating the two water hoses, too.
  10. orren

    Grooved piston top problem.

    Four of the six LDT-465 pistons have various sized grooves at the lip of their cups. Anyone have an idea the cause of this? Is it fixable or must piston be replaced? Seems injectors' spray is not getting into cups properly. Is there a way to correct this? Any ideas where I can get new...
  11. orren

    Deuce Rear Hub Runs Hot

    Sometimes if the cork plug is missing or leaking rear end gear oil will get mixed in the wheel bearings and wash out the grease. Make sure cork plug is OK and don't fill the rear end too full; maybe about an inch below fill hole. Also, check axle pressure relief to make sure it is clear.
  12. orren

    Deuce boarding ladder stowage M35A2

    I mounted mine under the bed on left side on my M36A2. I felt the spare tire and pioneer rack aren't as important so removed them. I only carry the spare on long trips. Obviously, difficult choices are necessary. This may not work on M35's. Good luck.
  13. orren

    New owner of a M36

    Bob, Are you happy with the paint you used? If so what brand and part number was it and where did you get it? Thanks for your help, Orren
  14. orren

    New owner of a M36

    Bob, Great looking truck. I have a M36A2 in woodland camo with a tan top. Maybe we could trade tops? Would rather have the woodland camo top but couldn't find one so had to settle with the tan. Are you interested? Any ideas to make it happen? Thanks, Orren
  15. orren

    deuce oil leak go's away.

    Do you have any ideas on cause of fuel diluted oil even with fuel compensator removed?
  16. orren

    What's missing in pic, plug? no plug?

    I leave mine plugged since I don't relish trying to put plug in when under water. BUT, I do check it for accumulated oil which has not happened for more than a tablespoon. If I think it starts to get too much oil in bell housing I will then leave plug out until leak is fixed.
  17. orren

    preventable rear suspension failure

    Rusty, It looks like in some pictures that grease squeezes out back end and relief valve shouldn't be necessary. With just the cap zerk installed and the plug in the bottom I would think grease would work its way all around OK. Your thoughts?
  18. orren

    Type G Injection Pump

    Gimpy, Sure could use the adjustment bridge, cover, etc. that goes in the G pump where the fuel compensator plugged-in on the other type IP's. Please let me know if you find this when you are rooting around for Elk1111. Thanks for your help, Orren
  19. orren

    engine alternatives for the deuce?

    Nothing wrong with multifuel per se except they're about 50HP too short for best all around use, mileage, and strain. OK if going to use to just convey at 40MPH on not too hilly roads.
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