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  1. mattg2448

    Mattg's '71 Gen. Prod. Div. M35A2

    Its been a while sense i have posted some updates. As some may remember my truck from the tread - I have started my next mechanical addition, which reminds me, my last mechanical repair is holding up quite nicely! No leaks...
  2. mattg2448

    Assuring Gasket seal?

    hey everyone, I decided that this weekend would be a good weekend to tear into my truck and replace the manifold gaskets because of leaking coolant. I have it all apart, got my gaskets, but im wondering, should i add something like RTV to the gaskets to make sure of a good seal? and i also took...
  3. mattg2448

    starter solinoid

    Hey guys, sorry if there is a thread on this, but I'm trying to rebuild my starter solinoid and I can't seem to find a tm or find a way to take it off the starter itself. Any help will be much appreciated! Thanks!:driver:
  4. mattg2448

    Water intake manifold questions

    I am replacing the exhaust/water intake manifold gasket, and i have a question, what do i torque the bolts to and in what sequence for the exhaust and water manifold bolts? I have searched the TMs and found nothing.. Thanks in advance!
  5. mattg2448

    Sand, prime, paint..

    Well, acouple days ago i decided to clean a bit of rust up, well, i decided **** it.. So i started sanding the whole truck.. Rapco, 383, 2 cases is on the way.. Gotta get it done for Homecoming! hahah
  6. mattg2448

    Scraped Gold

    So I heard about a deuce going to the local scrap yard.. On my first couple free days in the last 3 weeks, I went to check it out.. I almost cried.. They told me it was a military truck with a dump bed, and when i seen it.. it was a 5 ton (noticed by air filter and big transfercase and what...
  7. mattg2448

    Gear Help for pulling

    So I will be doing truck pulls in the next week or so with the deuce.. And I'm wondering, 2nd low? or first? I am thinking 2nd might bog down and stall.. But you never know!
  8. mattg2448

    Brake Help

    Ok, so i searched a little and didn't find any thing. What would be a good way to diagnose a brake system on a M35A2, I am trying to get my fathers truck on the road for Friday's Cruise Night and Im having a little issue.. The brakes are to the floor, opened the master cylinder and added fluid...
  9. mattg2448

    Running oil in a Deuce?

    I think yes! Today i finished my filter setup, a 50 gallon tank, with a 5 micron Hydraulic filter, and its gavity fed.. 3 gallons of oil and 8 gallons of diesel i got from a fellow scrap yard.. Boy can you tell a difference, quieter, runs smoother, no power loss and my wallet is the same...
  10. mattg2448

    Folding Bumper Step Measurements?

    To the fine steel soldiers, I come with a question! Could someone please post the measurements below? Its for a Folding Front Bumper step.. Thanks!
  11. mattg2448

    Paint Questions

    Alright, i have been doing some searching, and i have found mostly what i need but i need some answers and some opinions. I have a M35A2 that i would like to repaint, i would try to do a 3 color woodland camo. I wanted to do CARC, but after seeing the price at a couple stores, i was instantly...
  12. mattg2448

    Turned 16, so time to drive!

    I took it to the pump for the first time, and drove it for the matter of fact for the first time! And that's my dad i took for a ride.. Best time of my life!
  13. mattg2448

    Tech in the Deuce!

    Well guys, since I will be driving my M35A2 on the road, I decided to install a radio, And it turned out pretty good, I made it so if someone ends up getting into my truck at school, its hard to see the radio, so i mounted it under the Pass. Seat. When i get in, just lift the seat and put the...
  14. mattg2448

    EUC Problem report?

    Hey all! I went and checked my EUC status today on GL and to find out, i got this little thing, "Problem Report Resolution Returned to Battle Creek" What does it mean? And help would be appreciated, and also it was event 5394 and this is my first purchase.. Thanks, Matthew.
  15. mattg2448

    New timer...

    Ok guys, I am looking at buying a deuce from GL and I really can't figure out the steps, i kinda wanna do them right the first time.... So In somewhat detail, what are the steps to buying an M35 on GL and Getting a title/sf97, EUC process, and all that fun stuff!? Thanks a million, Matt
  16. mattg2448

    New-is kid from MI

    Well i didn't do this at first, guess i wanted to lay low for a while, be what ever! For all of you who don't already know me, my name is Matt, i'm 15 years old and currently live in a well known town, Port Huron. I found this web site by a suggestion for a member on here and another forum. I...
  17. mattg2448

    GL Questions

    Alright, we i kinda did a search on GL and found no hope and have been scanning the forums and haven't seen any explanations. At the moment I am 15 years old (Possibly the youngest on the forum?) and some of you may laugh but for my first vehicle i want it to be a m35a2, my dad owns one and got...
  18. mattg2448

    M35a2 In a game!

    Alight i think this is the best places to post this, the game is Rigs Of Rods, pretty neat!
  19. mattg2448

    Tm manuals?

    Well I am very new to the forum and i want to say Hi first before i come barging in with questions. I am looking to find some online TM manuals for an AM General M35A2 and maybe a break down of the axles? As i said i am new here and I don't know much about military vehicles so it might be a...
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