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  1. Drock

    Differences between 6.2 and 6.5 injectors + references on Bostic Leroy Diesel seems to have it cheaper. Not sure after shipping & core charge? But really at these prices your entering 12 Valve territory:shrugs:
  2. Drock

    Differences between 6.2 and 6.5 injectors + references on Bostic

    Well I'm in the same boat as you. I have a set of their NEW after market heads on my 6.2 and they have worked very well. at least until my bottom end let go:shrugs: I've bin contacting Jeff via Ebay messages about their Optimizer 6.5. He told me I'd have to recalibrate my 6.2 injection pump to...
  3. Drock

    Passenger side door will not open

    Okay lets try this... It sounds like the lock linkage has come off. So with the widow mostly up so you don't scratch it. Use a coat hanger to fiddle with the latch mechanism it's self. Close your eye's and use your minds eye (or the Force) :carnac:to envision the 2 lock rods and the direction...
  4. Drock

    6.2L Detroit Diesel Head Gasket Replacement Help

    ..........yes I installed a set of after market heads on mine. They worked fine, but all the bolt holes on the intake needed to be elongated, and the injection lines will need to be persuaded to fit the new injector angle.
  5. Drock

    Looking for some insight on a M1008

    HA! Touche!:lol:
  6. Drock

    Looking for some insight on a M1008

    HA!, a muddy engines fine. But judging by the rusty bolts in the pictures it hasn't had even basic maintenance in decades. I'd rather buy an ugly faded paint truck with fresh head gaskets and injection pump.
  7. Drock

    Looking for some insight on a M1008

    Looks like a rattle can, used car salesman restoration, done just to get it sold for profit. I just don't see 14K worth of truck? The engine looks crusty and neglected. Goofy front bumper, missing brush guard, goofy clunky receiver hitch. I think you could find a truck with much more focus on...
  8. Drock

    Voltmeter in Yellow

    Hey usmcpatriot I'm responding to your PM here. I think mg84648 as well as the others pretty much summed it up. It sounds like the glow plug card is trying to work but the GP relay is acting up. Frankly it sounds like you have a lot of wiring debauchery that needs to be put back to stock. As...
  9. Drock

    6.2L Detroit Diesel Head Gasket Replacement Help

    Welcome to the hobby. There's several threads on this subject you can search. Basically Felpro 6.2 gaskets, You'll need to at least visually inspect the heads for cracks or just have them rebuilt. New head bolts or studs, torqued 30LBS twice, 60LBS twice, 90LBS three times. Rocker shafts 40LBS (...
  10. Drock

    Hard Starts

    A little blow by is normal, that's what the CDR system is for. Too much is when you get smoke out of the top of the oil fill cap with the truck idling. This video is of mine with a bad cylinder
  11. Drock

    Hard Starts

    Well I'm not a fan of manual glow plug switches, kind of a hack job in my opinion 2cents. The factory glow plug system works way better when properly maintained. I forget who?, but there's a guy on here who makes upgraded glow plug cards. Anyway, based on your drunken mistake :beer:I think the...
  12. Drock

    Hard Starts

    The blueish smoke is unburned fuel. It could be both things previously mentioned (air leak), (glow plug relay). I'm leaning towards bad glow plug relay. Are you running the glow plugs on a button or with the factory glow plug card?
  13. Drock

    Need a mechanic

    Might have old fuel that needs to be drained. Also I would change the fuel filter and replace all the rubber fuel lines. As for the trans I would replace all the rubber vacuum lines.
  14. Drock

    Rusted on wheel, tire flat... now what?

    Rust & frozen bolts are a lifestyle in Florida where I grew up. I had a wheel frozen on a front wheel drive Mitsubishi one time. That I could not get off, even after loosening the lugs and driving around the block. I ended up taking it to a tire shop, the tire tech took off the lugs, with his...
  15. Drock

    Tranny Cooler Questions

    Also you don't want to bypass the RAD cooler so it can heat up the trans fluid in the winter. Too cool trans fluid is bad as well.
  16. Drock

    Getting my CUCV road worthy!

    I don't remember exactly, it's aluminum, I think it was around $500.00?
  17. Drock

    6.2-6.5 long block or short block questions?

    I don't know what you guys are arguing about? But sure is funny :lol::funny:
  18. Drock

    6.2-6.5 long block or short block questions?

    Okay so over the past few days I've bin Emailing questions to the Ebay retailer I bought my heads from (Bostic Motors) about their Optimizer Navistar 6.5. And they say my 6.2 flex plate is the same, but I'll need to have my 6.2 injection pump rebuilt and re-calibrated for the 6.5, and 6.5 non...
  19. Drock

    M1007 - CUCV Suburban Clone Build Thread

    Would a Suburban converted to a M1007 be considered "Modified"? :whistle:
  20. Drock

    6.2-6.5 long block or short block questions?

    I had a thought? Is my engine hoist going to be able to lift the engine high enough to clear the radiator support? This truck has a 4" lift on 31" tires. I guess I could take the front wheels off and bow the front a little?
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