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  1. diseased

    USAF M715s

    I still have the data plates and a cab from an AF blue M715. The truck was last assigned to the CAP. Dennis
  2. diseased

    M35?M54 Transmission Removal Tool!!!!

    Interested. How much for the other?
  3. diseased

    Extra plug on old M37 light switch

    I know in the TM the early M-38 harnesses had a separate main and trailer harness.
  4. diseased


    Is it a 100 amp alt or gen?
  5. diseased

    Floridian checkin in with a VIN question

    My SN was 4K-XXXX 1967 Kaiser
  6. diseased

    WWII Hero Reunites with Long Lost C-47

    I always am glad to see/hear the story of those who have come before us and allowed us to be able to live as we can today. My hat is off, I have nothing but gratitude. Beautiful!
  7. diseased

    "GREAT LIST " for picking up your Deuce!

    I picked my up M35A2 from Eglin AFB on the 11th. One thing a friend of my brothers told me to do is check if i could hear the fuel pump and if I couldn't, check the little 3 amp slow burn fuse on top of the tank. It was bad and I replaced the wire connecter to it also. I started it up as per...
  8. diseased

    M416 Duluth

    Anyone going from Duluth to the Toledo, Ohio area or Indianapolis, Indiana aea that could move an M416 trailer?
  9. diseased

    Shipping a M135

    Thanks for all the response and for those who offered their help. I may take you up on it.
  10. diseased

    Shipping a M135

    The 135 according to the manual is 22.5 ft long, 7.3 feet wide, 8.6 feet tall and an empty weight of 12740 lbs.
  11. diseased

    Shipping a M135

    Thanks, i see what gives in the next few weeks.
  12. diseased

    Shipping a M135

    She runs but needs wheel cylinders in front changed out due to leaking. If I drive it back which is/was my original plan, I will replace them before getting on the road. If I ship, it will be done here. My intentions were to drive it in two different legs. One from just south of Sault Ste Marie...
  13. diseased

    Shipping a M135

    I am looking to get a M135 from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to NE Florida at a shippers convenience. The last time I got a quote was for seventeen hundred to ship a M220 from Wyoming to Oklahoma, 539 miles and that was the cheapest. My oldest son and I had a great time taking the M220 to my...
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