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  1. 802dot1q

    M820 gets FMTV Wheels

    Got one side finished. They seem to fit well and look pretty good. Tomorrow I should have the other two rears on and be able to take it out for a drive. M820 with FMTV wheels - YouTube
  2. 802dot1q

    Help mounting 395s on FMTV wheels

    Any word of wisdom? Do I need any kind of sealer or balancing beads?
  3. 802dot1q

    M809 Series Radiator Hose Part Numbers?

    Does anyone have any for NAPA or such? My search-fu turned up nothing.
  4. 802dot1q

    NHC-250 cylinder order?

    How do they order them? 1 is near the firewall or radiator?
  5. 802dot1q

    M820 missing and smoking like mad - help needed

    I came down to visit the m820. We spent some time checking things over and after replacing the batteries got her started. There is a definite miss on idle and she smokes like mad at idle and through the rpm range. I even get some sparks and a bit of flame from the exhaust. Anyone have any...
  6. 802dot1q

    M820 with 16.00x20 tires possible?

    I've seen a lot of M818s with 16.00 tires. While the tandems put the tires pretty close, it seems like they work. My question is will they work on the M820? I have a source for some 16.00s and a good price and would really like the highway speed they would provide. I was recently informed...
  7. 802dot1q

    M820 from Warner Robins, GA to Southern IL

    EUC is still pending. Looking for a bid to move the beast. Should start with a jump.
  8. 802dot1q

    Pulled the trigger on a M820

    Here she is. 475 miles on her. Just need to figure out how to get her home and where to start on her.
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