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  1. DeuceNewb

    Stand alone glow plug control? Bypass "smart" box?

    Where I live it seems to only be cold enough to need the glow plugs in the morning for the first start of the day or the couple months of winter we have. I've already gone through one "smart" box and it's dead now too...and I'm wondering why I can't just rig up a relay to the glow plugs similar...
  2. DeuceNewb

    Glow plug question

    My hmmwv glow plugs are no longer working and I'm frustrated. At first, the light would blink the entire time during the wait period, but once it stopped flashing the truck would start, although running rough for a few seconds. I assumed and was told this was because of some bad glow plugs. I...
  3. DeuceNewb

    Fan clutch questions. How to disengage when driving through flood waters

    2 questions, most important being how can I manually disengage? With this hurricane bearing down I'm expecting all the usual roads here to get flooded much more than usual. How can I manually disengage the fan clutch when I need to drive through deep water? Is there a wire I just unplug and...
  4. DeuceNewb

    HMWV M996 Ambulance body whats it worth?

    I've been told $2,000 for one, if that helps anybody looking for an actual number
  5. DeuceNewb

    mirror relocation for hard doors?

    I just finally got around to putting a set of doors on my truck, and noticed that you can't really even see the mirrors when they're on. Is there a different mounting spot for hard doors vs soft, or just accept the fact that they're almost useless?
  6. DeuceNewb

    Issues with SF-97

    my first one was 12 weeks exactly, bought it in may picket it up in august
  7. DeuceNewb

    oil pressure sending unit question : no oil pressure

    I've got 0 oil pressure showing on the gauge, and I'm guessing the sending unit is the problem. With the ignition power all the way off the needle on the gauge is below zero, and once you turn the power on the needle moves to zero, but starting the engine causes no additional change. It's got...
  8. DeuceNewb

    how wide is the hmmwv?

    I have looked, but I've seen 85" and 86" from sidewall to sidewall. My trailer is exactly 85" between the fenders, and if the hmmwv is 86 then it's gonna mess up the fenders when I pick it up and I'd rather not do that. Trying to figure out if I should get another trailer or not.
  9. DeuceNewb

    NSN or part number for driver door latch

    so is there no way to get a door latch if you have a door missing one?
  10. DeuceNewb

    2 door to 4 door?

    bringing an old one back up instead of starting a new one. Where can one go currently to get the parts needed to turn a 2 door into a 4? I've got the doors and top, need hinges and I guess a new B pillar and a C pillar?
  11. DeuceNewb

    Where to find doors and how much?

    great info to know. I wasn't trying to complain that prices were high, but for me being uneducated about the market I thought I might be getting ripped off. I found a set of hard doors for 1500 and from what i've gathered from this thread, it's not a bad deal. I'll be getting doors this weekend...
  12. DeuceNewb

    Where to find doors and how much?

    I'm looking at purchasing a hmmwv but it doesn't have any doors. I've looked online but only found a few, and 2000 for a set of 4 hard doors sounds like a lot. How much should I expect to pay for 4 hard doors or 4 soft doors so I know what to budget before buying the truck?
  13. DeuceNewb

    HMMWV Grounding Kit Install

    I'm just starting to look into purchasing my first hmmwv, what is the purpose? Is this a recommended thing for all of them?
  14. DeuceNewb

    how rare and how much is a 170 worth

    I have a friend who's uncle has had one parked under his car port for a few years and he finally is ready to sell it. I've been wanting one and was hoping to get a good deal. it's a 1955, hasn't run in a few years, no top, needs a windshield, and needs a gas tank. What's a fair offer to give him...
  15. DeuceNewb

    Started bobbing my 5ton

    I used deuce front springs for the rear, reusing deuce ubolts custom made spacers and plates. I left the axle in the stock position
  16. DeuceNewb

    how to remove rear drum?

    well I thought I was missing something because i did what I saw and got nothing. My problem was my hammer wasn't big enough and there was too much rust.
  17. DeuceNewb

    how to remove rear drum?

    I have a leaking wheel cylinder in the rear axle and I need to replace it. How do I remove the drum? I can't figure it out. I pulled off the wheels, and then thought it should just beat off. Nope, so I removed all the nuts I saw attached to studs running around the drum, still nothing. I've...
  18. DeuceNewb

    Scratchbuilt FLU419 Small Emplacement Excavator 1:24

    what axles are you running, and what frame? Losi micro crawler?
  19. DeuceNewb

    Started bobbing my 5ton

    the bed had about 40" cut out of it, and then a 5" hole in the corner for the exhaust
  20. DeuceNewb

    Started bobbing my 5ton

    I put it in the stock location almost, through the bed. It was waayyyy too loud straight piped so I kept the muffler. Now, due to unforeseen circumstances I need to sell it. Ughh, once I get something nice that I love it has to go because I need money. Time for me to hit the lottery!
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