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  1. islasaero

    Going to pick up 2 LMTVs starts April 26

    Yes, I purchased 8, plus, whatever comes with the vehicles
  2. islasaero

    Going to pick up 2 LMTVs starts April 26

    Sounds like fun! I've been stuck in the Middle East for the past 8 months... I'm ready for some adventures.
  3. islasaero

    Going to pick up 2 LMTVs starts April 26

    I can also pay someone to drop off the damaged truck to Texas...
  4. islasaero

    Going to pick up 2 LMTVs starts April 26

    Yes, it's not my first trial. I know many things can happen. I know about these trucks, too. If I can't get the truck in good condition, I'm calling the hitch over for both. I have spare parts. Things I will go over... New batteries, new whole wheels,check Alt/belts/bolts/ hoses,change...
  5. islasaero

    2 LMTV pick up

    Bell, California to New Boston, Texas. Texas to Saraland, Alabama. Got tools, spares, wheels, and oils... Hope to start on April 26th. May need some help... May...
  6. islasaero

    Going to pick up 2 LMTVs starts April 26

    From California to New Boston Texas with rental vehicle and all the tools I can use to start an LMTV. Wheels, oils, and spare parts included. Then, to Saraland, Alabama to tow another LMTV. From there, straight to California.
  7. islasaero

    FMTV in California?

    They will consider it as commercial, like most pick up trucks are considered now. But, you won't pay a lot like a commercial vehicle cause it is not used that way and you can still drive it with class C. For instance... A Tacoma is registered as a commercial vehicle because of weight (6000lbs)...
  8. islasaero

    So Cal Deuce and Dogs 4th of july mountain run

    Would have been nice! I'm in TDY at Nellis. I would have joined yall as well. Maybe next year.:(
  9. islasaero

    m109a3 window covers

    Have any more??? I need three of the covers aswell. Thanks!
  10. islasaero

    Need Help with Dash Gage Wiring!

    I got my M109A3 in good condition except it did not come with the gages. So, I got a good set of gages and wanted to know what wire went were. It all looks the same to me, lol. So, I'll show you a picture of what I got under my plain dash...
  11. islasaero

    Slow vehicle safety

    I know what you mean When I recovered my M109, heading from Barstow to Los Angeles, some idiot had me test my brakes. He was trying to exit out the freeway, in a very late manner. So, I had to honk and brake at the same time. He got lucky!
  12. islasaero

    New Member / New M109 in Boise, Idaho

    Wellcome! I'm also working on mine. but, first, make sure your radiator hoses are new. I need to replace mine. check out my pictures in my profile. I also posted more pics under m109A3 shore power cord. I'm also going to rebuild the windows. Had the same holes on top and did some wiring...
  13. islasaero

    R.I.P--SHOOTINIRON--James Ruman

    Man, Thoughts and Prayers! You could see what happened by looking at the semi truck driver side windshield. Now, I'm thinking 2" X 1/8 thick tubing roll gage in/out of cab.
  14. islasaero

    M109a3 Shore Power Cord ?

    Just wanted to show the extra Meltric receptacle and plug I got. It dissassembles with ease. So I took out a spring loaded pin and added it to the first recepticle and plug. Now it has 2 positives, negative, and a neutral. I'm planning on isolating the ground cause I've heard of rv horror...
  15. islasaero

    M109a3 Shore Power Cord ?

    Well, I found out that my Meltric Plug and receptacle has extra slots for more phase pins. So, since I need to have two positives, a ground, and a neutral, I'll buy another Meltric DSR, 50amp plug and recepticle, and take out a phase plug to add to my other combo. I'm only doing that cause the...
  16. islasaero

    M109a3 Shore Power Cord ?

    Sure does, I tested those using a thick wire. My 110v lights work too, but dim cause it's only 24volts.It does have the two pin receptacle. And, yes, I am looking to run the lights while not connected to an rv outlet. I just removed the four pin receptacle to upgrade, plus, I can't find the...
  17. islasaero

    M109a3 Shore Power Cord ?

    I checked all connections Ok, the 4 prong on my m109 only has 3 wires to it that connect to the cab. My electrical panel is only capable of 250v max, which is all I need. At most RV parks, they have 220V outlets for RVs with a lot of equipment. I will be able to install a 220v cooktop that I...
  18. islasaero

    upgrading the ldt

    Yeah, i think this thread was for ideas that no one has tried. Disc brakes are just easier to maintain. By the way, your avatar is great!
  19. islasaero

    upgrading the ldt

    The best way is to get the rears off a crashed semi that either way come with better brakes, air bags, better ratios and nice aluminum rims with 10 lug pattern. check out for a truck. that's the way I'll be going. Sooner or later more semi's with disc brakes will be on the...
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