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  1. nhdiesel

    Primary Filter Question

    I'm in the middle of a filter change and found something odd. I just got done doing a search and reading quite a few threads, with no answer to my question. First of all, my primary has a tall can that looks similar to the secondaries. I read in a coup;le threads how this can be good to allow...
  2. nhdiesel

    Fuel filter seal sources?

    I'm due to leave for the VT rally on Friday afternoon, and want to change my fuel filters first. I have the filters, but I can't locate the seals. From searches on this site I can only find two part numbers for Napa, but I have called 2 different Napa stores and both told me the numbers aren't...
  3. nhdiesel

    Deuce camper question

    Has anyone who has done custom bodies on Deuces ever made the rear a walk-through, like the M1010? It would take a good flexible seal between the cab and body, but I would think it could be done. It would be great to have access to the rear. Jim
  4. nhdiesel

    Another generation enjoying the Green Iron

    This is my grandson playing in my Deuce right after I took he and his father for a ride. He likes anything that moves, and at a year and a half I couldn't get him off my snowmobile after a short trip up the driveway and back without him crying. On his 3rd birthday he drove an 80cc four wheeler...
  5. nhdiesel

    Goodyear radials SUCK in the snow!!!

    I had the opportunity to attempt to drive the Deuce in the snow with the 1100 Goodyear radials, and I have to say I'm less than impressed. O.K., I know I have a lot working against me- the sprag t-case isn't working, so the front tires aren't pulling. The tires are the highway radials, so the...
  6. nhdiesel

    Deuce recovery from Ft. Knox

    Its a bit of a pain to modify all of my pics to meet the SS size restrictions, so most can be found on my Photobucket account The rest of this is a modified version of a post I made on the Jeep forum I belong to, so please excuse me if I didn't get it completely edited and parts don't make...
  7. nhdiesel

    Deuce heater options

    I've read quite a bit about the original heaters offered for the Deuce, but I'd like to learn more. I live in an area that gets quite cold. -30 is typical for a few weeks during the winter. I like the idea of keeping a Deuce stock, but I want to know if stock is good enough, or is the best...
  8. nhdiesel

    Louisville to NH, anything need to go North?

    I'm going to be driving a Deuce from Louisville to N.H., and would be willing to haul and/or tow something along the way. Rough schedule, I hope to be doing this the weekend of the 24/25, depending on receiving my paperwork by then. Route will be North on 71, to 271 in Ohio, to 90 East to...
  9. nhdiesel

    Any Ft. Knox recoveries?

    Hey all, I have a friend whos going to do my Ft. Knox recovery for me, but I need some info off my truck. Trying to get through to anyone there has been a royal pain, so I hate to try and set up a special appt. just to get some numbers off my dash plate, especially if any SS members are going...
  10. nhdiesel

    Deuce highway radials size?

    For those who have experience with them, can anyone tell me the size and brand the military usually uses when they put highway radials on a Deuce? I'm not talking about the all-terrain Michelins, but the road tread tires like used on over the road trucks. Several in the last GL batch in Kentucky...
  11. nhdiesel

    Long-distance Deuce recovery question

    I have read several threads about doing a Deuce recovery, and got lots of great tips, part numbers of required items, etc. But those were "best case" scenarios, where you could bring everything you wanted, including a kitchen sink. I'm going to be doing a long-distance recovery in Kentucky...
  12. nhdiesel

    1953 6x6 dump on CL, not mine

    Hey guys, I just found this ad and thought of y'all. Its not mine, I don't know the guy, I just found the ad. Don't know the values...just passing it along. Included seems to be 2 trucks, which seems to me like a decent deal for someone who needs parts, a project to start, etc. Trucks are in...
  13. nhdiesel

    Rear bumperette bolt pattern

    Hey all, I was going to fab up a towbar for my Durango to tow behind the Deuce I need to retrieve, but the only lunette eye I have is only 2 1/2" and won't fit a Deuce's pintle. I could buy an eye...then get involved with fabbing the custom tow bar, etc. OR I was looking at some Deuce "rear...
  14. nhdiesel

    Bordentown, NJ Loadout Help?

    I'm hopefully going to be picking up a Deuce from Bordentown soon (auction ends today...and I WILL get a Deuce! :-P ) and would like to know if anyone is nearby "just in case". I'll have basic tools, spare parts, and a couple spare tires/wheels, and a friend or 2 to help out. But like any...
  15. nhdiesel

    How crazy am I? Pulling an M105

    I need to pick up a couple M105A2 trailers at Limestone, ME. The only vehicle I have to tow with right now is my wife's Durango with swapped in Cummins 4bt and NV4500 5-speed. It has E-rated tires and steel wheels for strength, and the 3.54 gears should work great with the diesel. But after...
  16. nhdiesel

    Any tips for dealing with GL?

    This is kind of a venting, but also to see if anyone has any tips for dealing with GL. Between my father and I, we have bought several items from GL (my father, beaubeau on here, has bought at least 6 vehicles and several trailers) and we always have issues dealing with the EUC and attempting...
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