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  1. SCM35A2

    Denton NC 2021

    I sure hope this event will happen, would be great seeing everyone & getting to hangout. What scares me is that NC has a very liberal governor & he has a lot of restrictions.
  2. SCM35A2

    What have you done to your 5 ton this week?

    Nothing major, but I did finally get all the wheels stripped down & repainted. This will do until I get my 16's & other combat wheels on...
  3. SCM35A2

    Steel Soldiers MV of the month January 2021 VOTE HERE

    Weird, I'm not able to see the pics either!
  4. SCM35A2

    How not to treat your deuce

  5. SCM35A2

    Hard Top or a Soft Top?

    Hard top!
  6. SCM35A2

    Texas M934A1 New Member & Owner

    Welcome to the site!
  7. SCM35A2

    Steel Soldiers MV of the YEAR 2020 - VOTE HERE

    Voted, best of luck to you all!!
  8. SCM35A2

    900 series blower motor...

    I'm looking for a blower motor/fan assembly for my 91 M923A2/5ton truck. I want the complete assembly because the fan assembly on my truck is in rough condition & I'd like to replace it all. Here are some pics below of what I need, message me here or email me at: All I need are...
  9. SCM35A2

    just took in a m101a1

  10. SCM35A2

    New here from Washington

    Welcome to the site!
  11. SCM35A2

    Black Rhino Wheels

    Looking good!
  12. SCM35A2

    84 1008 build.

    Subscribed for updates, looking good!
  13. SCM35A2

    Hello from Oregon

    Welcome to the site!!
  14. SCM35A2

    Hello from MO

    Welcome to the site!
  15. SCM35A2

    headlight adjustment...

    Hey guys, I'm looking the small clip that the headlight adjustment screw goes into on the M923/A2 5ton series truck. Two of mine broke on my 91 model & it would suck to replace the whole assembly because of one small piece. Here is a pic of the screw, but I need the piece that it screws into to...
  16. SCM35A2

    Proud new owner of 84 m1009

  17. SCM35A2

    Hello from the the best Carolina :)

    Welcome to the site!
  18. SCM35A2

    Getting the deuce road begins!

    Subscribed for updates!
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