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  1. spicergear

    Manual Lockup Converter?

    Is it possible to put a switch or manually control converter lock up in these transmissions? I think part of the reason these trucks start having flywheel breakage issues is because of locked converter ESPECIALLY on the down shifts. I know mine can be a bit jarring on downshift now and then...
  2. spicergear

    NewStar PTO Install Tips!

    Installed a shiny new PTO on 'Bruiser' (931A2) this weekend. Let me help you...this was not fun but I have some tips that will help anyone else on their install. It is a tight fit, really tight. I've heard of people pulling/dropping the transmission to install PTO's on these trucks and I just...
  3. spicergear

    Pin-On 20,000lb Garwood

    Two years or so ago I purchased a full front winch set up from m16ty. Great unit, great seller! Time has come to fit it to the truck. I'm not a huge fan of how the bumper is set way out on the winch trucks...ANY of them, so wanted to make this easy to put on or off. The truck's four...
  4. spicergear works! (dump bed)

    Last summer I traded a buddy two hydraulic cylinders and rescued a beauty from him that he was going to make into a log splitter. Mounts were made up under bed and on the frame then the rear of frame hinged. The bulk of it was done. On my Palfinger crane, it originally had a hydraulic...
  5. spicergear

    Gimp, PTO

    Hey, still looking for a PTO or PTO/pump combo for the 931A2... ...and clean your GD PM box! :D
  6. spicergear

    No Start Help M931A2

    I ran my 931 last weekend pulling pine trees down and it worked great. I came up yesterday, hopped in, flipped the battery switch, it made it's typical couple of noises, flipped to run, then start and all it did was turn over with no start. This truck's 6CTA has ALWAYS started within about a...
  7. spicergear

    5 Ton Bridge Truck?!?

    A buddy of mine sent me this to come and look at. I thought at first it was a 5 ton bridge or something...then maybe a 10 ton cargo but the front axle doesn't look right for a 10 ton or the bolt pattern. Also has the 20,000lb Garwood so that says 5 ton to me as well. Guy says it's something like...
  8. spicergear

    Deuce Crane Truck Thread Hi-jack Cont'd

    I had mentioned on Bjorn and Justin's thread about selling 'Blue,' my M977 crane deuce truck soon and pics were requested. Here are some pics, here are some's not quite for sale yet...but soon. Quick specs front to rear: 20K Garwood, front Vice, recored and banded radiator, Mack...
  9. spicergear

    6 Speed to 8 Speed Converstion!!!

    I converted the 6 speed transmission in my Unimog 406 into an 8 speed!!! It’s a bit of work, but not too bad…it basically goes like this: You have the transmission cover with the shifters that you move for gear selection and the corresponding internal top part of the shift linkage. Then you have...
  10. spicergear

    I finally Had Enough...

    I had a nice solid 5 hours to work on the M931 Monday and figured I'd swap out the big 1400x 20 that kept leaking and sat long enough on base to have the sidewalls be a concern. I rooted around and found the O-rings I ordered a while back so I was good to go there and started on the truck. Well...
  11. spicergear

    A couple more Mog vids

    One is massive log pull and the other is pretty impressive idea of the low center of gravity for a tall looking boxy truck.
  12. spicergear

    Lookie What Showed Up at Work Today...

    Canadian Military truck, Navistar, 395 XZL singles, BIG. Trucking company called asking if we had equipment to help the driver lose the third axle on the trailer so he could drive at night. He was only 75,000lbs. We pulled it and put it over the 5th wheel pin on the upper trailer deck. Yeah...I...
  13. spicergear

    Mid 60's Mog Video

    These two videos are neat to watch showing the versatility of the Unimog trucks. Both videos are in German, but it doesn't matter if you speak it or not, just to watch the trucks do their thing is cool. :)
  14. spicergear

    Mondovi MI to central PA area !!!

    Need to see if anyone is heading east with maybe 8' of space and 1,400lbs worth of room on a truck/trailer. THANKS!!! Will check other threads for suggested haulers too.
  15. spicergear

    Anyone heading Colarado East empty?

    Virtually a straight shot east on I-80 the haul would be maybe 3,000 lbs of snowblower parts. A near complete unit and then other loose parts. Please PM me if you may be able to help or know someone heading east with room. THANKS!!!!!!!
  16. spicergear

    An Amusing Unimog quote...

    Ran across this the other day thought it was pretty amusing... “Unimog is the cockroach of all purpose vehicles. When the last H1 Hummer has turned to dust, when the final Land Rover has rotted into topsoil, there will still be Unimogs roaming the planet. You can’t kill them, they go anywhere...
  17. spicergear

    6.2 Injector line question, helping friend

    Apparently this is leaking at the ferule nut. I received this picture and he thinks these may be cracks in the ferule. Any 6.2 experts have thoughts on this? Also, if it is cracked, anyone have any spare injector lines around? 1988-1996 6.2 - 6.5 is what a diesel parts page is saying injector...
  18. spicergear

    M931A2 New Addition!

    Got her home today with no mechanical conundrums! Whew! I did curse Mapquest however as it sent us off route badly until I eyeballed where we needed to go and just headed that way until roads looked familiar. 62 miles took 3hrs...ugh. Anyway gave a nice opportunity over all the paved hillclimbs...
  19. spicergear

    Who has M656, XM757 and XM791 Parts?

    Of course I have to find a specific part on a pretty uncommon truck to seek out- (nothin's easy :grin: ) anyway on these 8x8 trucks, if they came equipped with a front winch they had a PTO on the Allison auto that drove to another PTO box that was frame mounted then to the winch from there...
  20. spicergear

    Lower A-arm pn

    Does anyone have a picture of a lower a arm for the humvee or does this PN able to be searched by anyone back to humvee? 2212081 THANKS!!!
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