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  1. TommyG45

    MEP-003a in 120V setting connectivity question

    Ike, Makes total sense. Thank you. From a transfer switch prospective, I would like to do a whole house transfer switch. With the MEP-003, wired in 120/240 volt single phase, I would be looking at a 100 AMP transfer switch, 50 for each leg? Is that how the transfer switch is rated? Or...
  2. TommyG45

    MEP-003a in 120V setting connectivity question

    Hello Everyone, It's been some time since I have posted. I check in on you guys from time to time though. I just reciently acquired two MEP-003s. Actually more generator than I really needed but they were local and they are green so I just couldn't resist. Is it better to connect at 120V...
  3. TommyG45

    I want a deuce

    My wife is awesome, she would ask me what I was looking at on my laptop, I promptly said porn... she looks over at my screen, and I had this fourm up... I read on her for a solid year before making the plung myself, finally she says, why don't you just get one. Without questioning her, I did...
  4. TommyG45

    Lincoln Mark VII Versus two deuces

    Man, I must be getting old. All I could think of is what would happen to the young man who pulled up in my driveway playing that music in his car picking up one of my daughters for a date... Now, I could make an exception if he pulled up in a Deuce playing that music... but the volume would...
  5. TommyG45

    Why did you buy your deuce

    Weeding of course
  6. TommyG45

    brake shoes

    That may have been me Lance, my shoe linings are resting comfortably behind my couch in the sun room where my wife stuffed the box. Once it dries up a bit, it's a project I have planned prior to putting 5 tons of bio fuel pellets in the back.
  7. TommyG45

    Master cylinder problem??

    125 sounds steep, for some reason 85 bucks from clark when I got a new one, about 6 months ago..... I am getting old and my memory could be slipping, like my clutch :)
  8. TommyG45

    Deuce as a tow-rig? Am I crazy?

    I was in somewhat of a similar situation but different in the fact that I wanted the deuce for the farm. Actually, I will be honest, I was just looking for a way to justify buying one, and this was a great excuse. Short story, I love the deuce and will never part with it, I justified buying...
  9. TommyG45

    El Paso, Texas to Mantua, Ohio

    Glad you mde it, welcome !
  10. TommyG45

    El Paso, Texas to Mantua, Ohio

    I have cat paw prints all over my deuce, but I don't let the little buggers inside lol Where do you keep the litter box ? Glad the trip is going well !!!! TommyG
  11. TommyG45

    El Paso, Texas to Mantua, Ohio

    BG, I live in Mantua, not sure if you left already, but PM me, I can keep an eye out for you in the area if you need help.
  12. TommyG45

    Alcohol - make your own fuel?

    Checkout , they have some pretty good stuff inthere about using home made hooch as a fuel, but it was specific to a gas engine. For those of you that were wondering about wood gas power in a deuce, check out the stratified downdraft gassifier, very very interesting.
  13. TommyG45

    Will this filter WMO?

    Ever try to clean up an oil spill ?
  14. TommyG45

    Waste Oil Prices

    With the price of diesel coming down, are they still getting about a buck for a gallon of WMO ?
  15. TommyG45

    Aftermarket Cab Heater

    I have a post with some install pics out there some where. Let me see if I can find it. Here it is
  16. TommyG45

    Aftermarket Cab Heater

    Dc, Where do you plan to install it in the cab?
  17. TommyG45

    Reparing vacuum wipers

    Gimp, mine do the same thing. Write away
  18. TommyG45

    12v- 24v question

    Thanks C, I appreciate you taking another go at this.
  19. TommyG45

    12v- 24v question

    The charging system is in parallel with the series wired batteries. Voltage is constant in a parallel circuit. How can one leg of a parallel circuit ever exceed the supply voltage. Lets assume for sake of math the charging system charges @ 24 volts, it would be impossible for the two series...
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