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  1. skysix

    Front disc dust shield

    Thanks. Will need luck. Not many wrecked CUCV on the west coast to scrounge parts from.
  2. skysix

    Front disc dust shield

    Have checked the TM's and they only show a single piece part. When several bolts holding the dually spacer to the disc and hub backed out, they trashed an inner dust shield. I can see no failed spot welds, is there another piece that is not pictured in the TM or is it a single piece made of two...
  3. skysix

    Mystery wire between buss bars

    Found this burned out wire while troubleshooting fusible links. Connects directly between the 24v buss bar and the ground buss bar. Doesn't appear to be a fusible link, maybe a capacitor? I am not great at reading automotive electrical schematics - I couldn't find it. So, what WAS it, what did...
  4. skysix

    Kinda got carried away..... M1028 rebuild

    I found I had to modify a 1009 fuel intake system (green painted one) to meet the tank ports on the right side. The M1008 was too short (first attempt pic) and getting OEM military hoses to join them without kinking was "fun". I love T-bolt clamps... I also had to invert the fill door to put it...
  5. skysix

    Flywheel clutch info needed

    i have no shifter hole currently (TH400) but thanks for the info. I think I have seen a seat that had a notched front frame rail and cushion somewhere on the interwebs.... but yes re custom bend on gearshift Funnily enough if you use the ORD short shaft and adapter and a Magnum ahead of the...
  6. skysix

    Flywheel clutch info needed

    Recovry4x4: Doing a similar swap - do you have a build thread or tips? Adding a Ranger gear splitter in front of the SM465 and the ORD shortv32 spline output/3.5" 205 adapter
  7. skysix

    CUCV with NP205 transfer cases

    I think that regardless of year of manufacture, the parts list used in assembly was what was available when they bid/won the contract ie 1984
  8. skysix

    Anyone running 3 fuel tanks in an M1010 or other CUCV?

    Dunno about the 1010 but my 1031 wouldn't fit the sub tank unless I moved the rear crossmember aft and changed the bumper bracing. Yes re: transfer tank - but try this version. Make the rear the main tank and transfer into it from either or both saddles (use the blackout service light switch to...
  9. skysix

    Dually Conversion (For looks)

    1.75" seems to be the minimum spacer that you can get away with if you have a standard fleetside unmodified box. FYI the RW hubs up front push the WMS out to 77", the D70 rear dually WMS is 73.5", the 14 bolt CUCV WMS is 68" and the D60 SRW WMS is 69" - so if you want perfect tracking on an...
  10. skysix

    factory tach install will it work?

    Have done the same but have yet to hook it up - (writeup with pics was fantastic!!) Merry Christmas
  11. skysix

    50A Aircraft Battery Charger through NATO plug. M1008A1

    I use a NOCO 26000 charger (13A at 24V, 26A at 12v) via the slave plug on a system with dual group 31's in place of each 6TL (4 in total) and I WISH it was 50A/24V as it takes 20 hours or so from 10.5 volts.
  12. skysix


  13. skysix


    Any problems with swapping a dual thermostat crossover from a 6.5? And what is the heater output thread, 1/2npt or??
  14. skysix

    Stryker / LAV tech data

    the ones I see daily are on 325/85R16 XML's
  15. skysix

    Stryker / LAV tech data

    Rim size The Stryker rims are Hutchinson 2-piece aluminum 16x9 rims, part no WA0420, and they are actually not very lightweight
  16. skysix

    Rear disc brakes

    I have seen a bunch of threads on the ElDorado rear disc ebrake conversion for the 14bolt, but am looking for something a little different. Unsuccessfully so far. What I would like to do is use the same rotors as the front D60, as well as 2 sets of calipers, so I would have a hydraulic parking...
  17. skysix

    Gen 2 mount problems etc

    could you send a pic of the missing lower bracket spacer? The PO seems to have lost it. Unless someone has a spare I will have to try to create one. Could I run an additional heater core off that water pump plug? planning to do an insulated 3/4" copper tubing run (that also includes the fuel...
  18. skysix

    Need a mechanic in Los Angeles to fix gen 2 and battery drain problem.

    Maybe a pinned thread with CUCV skilled shops would be a good idea...
  19. skysix

    Gen 2 mount problems etc

    Does anyone have a picture of the gen 2 mount, without the alternator in place. I just had mine seize and I think the bracket may be bent as the alternator pulley always seemed a little off square. Is there a piece of mount or something else missing? And isn't the idiot light switch on the...
  20. skysix

    Anyone have info on the M32K-4A?

    you will probably need a brake converter to air for the trailer. Or replace the brake system.
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